What to Consider When Buying a New Sofa

It is the center of the living room and the favorite place for reading, watching TV and relaxing – the couch. Their design has a significant impact on the character of the living space and should please as long as possible. Are you planning to buy a new sofa? Then not only the shape and color should be right, but above all the quality and dimensions. Our tips for buying a sofa give you a long-term feel-good guarantee. To see murals for the bathroom, please check necessaryhome.

What’s inside counts: what you should look out for when buying a sofa

A solid substructure is crucial for a stable sofa. Beech wood is mostly used because it has a high degree of hardness, is dimensionally stable and can withstand heavy use. This is why beech is primarily used in the production of chairs and is also used in staircase construction as well as parquet and wood block floors.

Important: Supporting parts of high-quality upholstered furniture are always made of solid wood, which is processed to a high standard, i.e. it is permanently mortised, screwed and glued together. Only then can you throw yourself on the couch after work for years without hesitation or romp around with your offspring on it. So it’s worth asking specifically about the processing if you want to buy a new sofa.

Another important tip when buying a sofa: pay attention to a high-quality spring base, which influences both the longevity and the seating comfort of your sofa. Take your time lifting the pads and looking underneath. If you find slightly flexible tensioning straps in the back part and under the seat padding a “wave-shaped” spring construction attached to the frame, this is a sign of quality work and the prerequisite for the seat not sagging over time.

What to Consider When Buying a New Sofa

Buy the right upholstery for the sofa

Once you have decided on a made- to-measure sofa , you also decide 100% on the nature of the upholstery. Similar to mattresses for your dream bed, sofas have different filling materials and hardnesses to choose from. Whether spring core, foam padding or a mixture of both – that decides your well-being when sitting on the couch or when relaxing on your sofa bed .

As a rule of thumb, these tips will help you when buying your sofa: Cold foam is preferable to other foams because it is very dimensionally stable and only gives a little. Spring core upholstery relieves the back better. You can bring both variants closer together by choosing the degree of hardness. Foam fillings or feathers are used in the back. Cold foam provides the best support, while down is more cuddly – but it should be processed in such a way that it doesn’t “clump”. If you want to buy a new sofa, your checklist should also include the items “environmental friendliness”, “compatibility” and “durability” of the filling. Reputable upholstered furniture manufacturers will give you open information about all this.

Buy a sofa in the right dimensions

This point is actually obvious: You should also know what to look for when buying a sofa when it comes to the dimensions.

  • Seat height: While the younger ones among us prefer to lounge relatively close to the ground, the young at heart prefer a high seated position that makes it easy to stand up.
  • Shape of the sofa: If you want to buy a sofa that is to be placed in an L or U shape or used as a corner sofa, it gets a bit more complicated with the dimensions. So that everything fits in the end, we have put together practical measuring instructions for you .
  • Larger sizes: If you have a lot of space, an XXL or big sofa in your living roomis particularly good. Matching armchairsor stools fill up additional space.

Covers and design for your new sofa

Fabrics and leather variants are available in all colors, single-colored or with a print, with or without structure – the options are so extensive that you can decide freely according to your taste or the further furnishing style in your home. However, pay attention to durability and skin compatibility and – if you want to place your sofa anywhere in the room – also on the cover of the back part.

Are you missing a trendy design tip for buying a sofa? It’s up to you: whether urban, romantic, trendy; whether corner sofa, XXL family sofa, guest sofa or matching armchair; whether it’s a reserved oasis of calm or a style-breaking living highlight – your sofa should be as individual as you are. In any case, if you follow our checklist when buying your sofa, not much can go wrong.

By the way: The English word “couch” is derived from the French “coucher” for “to lie”. With this in mind, we wish you many relaxing hours lying down (and sitting).

What to Consider When Buying a New Sofa