West Virginia Public Schools by County

West Virginia was born from a Virginia split. On the eve of the Secession war, an opposition broke out between eastern Virginia, whose prosperous economy rested on large plantations and slavery, and western Virginia, the poorest, developing subsistence agriculture and favorable to the suppression of slavery.

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In 1861, Virginia joined the Southern Confederation. The abolitionist counties, loyal to the Union, refused to make secession. Following the constitutional convention of November 26, 1861, they formed West Virginia. This region joined the Union on June 20, 1863, becoming the thirty-fifth American State. East Virginia experienced great economic prosperity thanks to the extraction and the coal industry, and the creation of the railroad network (1880-1910). The coal it occupies close to two-thirds of the state’s subsoil poses serious environmental problems (open-pit mining, risk of flooding).

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Universities, scientific institutions in West Virginia

West Virginia University in Morgantown
West Virginia University in the city of Morgantown is a state university founded in 1867. In addition to the Morgantown campus, the university also maintains branches in Parkersburg and Keyser. The university campus is very impressive with its numerous historic buildings. Around 29,000 students are currently studying at the following faculties:

  • Agricultural sciences
  • Humanities
  • Engineering
  • journalism
  • art
  • medicine
  • pharmacy
  • Sports science
  • Economics
  • Dentistry
Contact www.wvu.edu

Marschall University in Huntington
The state Marshal University in the city of Huntington was founded in 1837, but still under the name Marshall Academy. The university has earned a special reputation in healthcare. The university campus is very impressive with its numerous historic buildings. Around 10,000 students are currently studying at the following faculties:

  • geography
  • History and political science
  • IT
  • Engineering
  • journalism
  • art
  • mathematics
  • medicine
  • Natural sciences
  • pedagogy
  • psychology
  • sociology
  • Economics

National Radio Astronomy Observatory
The National Radio Astronomy Observatory is a state research organization that deals with radio astronomy. She takes care of building radio telescopes. In West Virginia, she has a location in Green Bank. There is the Green Bank Observatory, one of the largest radio telescopes in the world with a diameter of over 100 m. There is also a “radio-free zone” here to minimize harmful radio emissions. The National Radio Astronomy Observatory has additional locations in Arizona, New Mexico, Virginia and in Santiago de Chile (Chile).

Contact www.nrao.edu

Public Schools in West Virginia by County

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