Vodafone Is in Addition to Orange in The Complaint by Not Being Able to Replicate Fusion Offers

The latest improvements in Movistar Fusion continue arousing concerns its rivals and if yesterday was Orange which denounced it before the CNMC, Vodafone also it has joined the protest, extending the complaint submitted in February to consider that the current regulation does not allow them to replicate these offers in the whole as indicated in the regulation which aims to prevent the monopoly.
The reasons are virtually the same as the Orange: the impossibility of migrate without cost of ADSL to 10 Mbps fiber taking into account current prices of NEBA and non-existent wholesalers offer that ensures the access to “premium” audiovisual content customers of other operators.
For all this, Vodafone requires maximum rigour to the CNMC to safeguard the competitiveness of all affected markets and calls for transparency on the criteria of repeatability which have taken as a reference to give the go-ahead to this offer.