Vodafone Adds a New Bonus Extra 2 GB for 20 Euros

For the month October have already seen as Vodafone It improved its rate Red XL to include free roaming through Europe but also the operator has refined this month its extra data bonds that allow to sail optionally high speed once exhausted the gigabytes included in your rate.
But far from compete with prices so attractive as the 6 euros for every extra giga yoigo, Vodafone opted for round which had to include them VAT from today in addition to proposing a new form of 2 GB for 20 euros, far from the 3 GB Movistar offered for the same price. Other options is maintained at 200 MB for 3 euros, 500 MB for 6 euros or 1 GB for 11 euros.
These bonds will continue to be available both to enable timely as in a recurrent way for those seeking to have a rate with more data from those initially so that you can have for example, 2.8 GB rate of 0 cents for 31 euros every month.