Visa to France


If at the time of applying for a French visa in your passport there is already a valid Schengen visa of another country that overlaps the dates of your trip, then you must first cancel it at the consulate where it was received, and only then apply for a visa.

Attention!!! In connection with the introduction of the procedure for taking biometric data, the submission of documents to the visa center of France is carried out ONLY with the personal appearance of the applicant and ONLY by appointment. The term of consideration is from 4 working days.

  • Foreign passport valid for at least 3.5 months after the end of the trip (please pay attention to the presence of a signature). The applicant’s international passport must now contain at least 3 blank pages.
    If a child is entered in the passport, and both the parent and the child need visas, then the passport must have at least 4 blank pages.
    If 2 children are entered in the passport, and the parent and 2 children need visas, then the passport must have at least 5 blank pages.
    For example, if you are traveling to France and the islands of French Polynesia, then there must be at least 4 blank pages.
    If available, the originals of all parallel valid foreign passports are additionally provided. We also ask you to provide originals of previous foreign passports or copies of their visa pages, if you had them before.
  • Copies of all pages of the Russian passport (including blank ones).
  • 2 color photographs 35×45 mm without corners and ovals, not more than 6 months old, the background of the photo must be gray. A very light (white) or dark (blue) background is considered non-compliance. The face should be placed in the center of the photo. The size of the head (from the crown, without hair, to the chin) must be between 32mm and 36mm.
    Images in which a person is filmed in a national headscarf are not allowed.
  • Completely completed questionnaire.
  • It is necessary to print out a sheet of the questionnaire and put signatures 4 times:
    – in the 37th paragraph;
    – in the first field (after the text), located under item 37;
    – in the second field (after the text);
    – at the bottom of the page in a field specially designated for this.
    For children under 14, both parents sign.
  • Power of attorney to fill in and sign (2 copies)
  • Certificate of employment on company letterhead indicating the details of the company, position, date of employment and salary (at least 35,000 rubles). The certificate must be certified by the seal and signature of the responsible person. If the traveler occupies a managerial position, then a certificate of employment is signed by some other responsible person.
    • For individual entrepreneurs, it is necessary to provide a certificate from the place of work on a letterhead or a certificate from the tax form 3-NDFL, as well as photocopies of the company registration certificate and the certificate of registration with the tax authority.
    • For students – a certificate from the place of study.
    • For pensioners – a photocopy of the pension certificate.
  • A bank statement is not required, but desirable. The balance of the account must be at least 75 euros / day of stay in the country.
    Providing an extract from the bank is mandatory in the following cases:
    – if the certificate of employment indicates a salary of up to 35,000 rubles;
    – if you are an individual entrepreneur.
  • Attention!!! For schoolchildren, students, pensioners and the unemployed, financial guarantees are required:
    • Statement from the main bank account (statement from the savings account).
    • Or a sponsorship letter (ONLY A CLOSE RELATIVE CAN BE A SPONSOR – mother, father, daughter, son, husband, wife.), as well as the following documents of the sponsor:
      – A certificate from the sponsor’s place of work.
      – An extract from the main bank account of the sponsor.
      – A photocopy of a document confirming kinship (birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc.).
      – A photocopy of the pages of the sponsor’s Russian passport (page with personal data + page with a note about the place of registration).
  • Attention!!! For children under 18, in addition to the documents in the previous paragraph, it is necessary to provide the following documents:
    • Copy of birth certificate.
    • A copy of the notarized consent to the departure of a minor child to the Schengen countries, including France. Consent must be issued no earlier than one month before the date of submission to the consulate.
      a) The child leaves with both parents:
      the father writes the consent for the child to leave with the mother, the mother writes the consent for the child to leave with the father. Or both parents may agree to leave the child unaccompanied.
      b) The child travels with one of the parents:
      In this case, there will be two permits. 1) from the one who is traveling with the child – permission to travel independently, 2) from the one who is not traveling – permission for the accompanying parent.
      c) The child travels accompanied by a third person:
      In this case, it is necessary to attach permission to leave the child with a third person or unaccompanied by both parents.
      d) The child travels unaccompanied:
      It is necessary to provide consent from both parents for the child to travel unaccompanied.
    • A photocopy of 1 page of the Russian passport with personal data + a photocopy of the page with the registration of the person giving consent to the child’s departure.
    • If the parents traveling with the child already have a visa, it is necessary to provide a photocopy of 1 page of the foreign passport with personal data + a photocopy of the valid visa.
  • Airline booking confirmation (if not purchased from us).
  • Medical insurance (if not purchased from us).
  • For foreign citizens:
    In addition to the standard package of documents, you must provide:
  • A copy of the registration valid at the time of submission of documents for obtaining a visa, which must expire no earlier than 3 months after the return of the tourist from France to Russia.
  • A copy of the work permit.
  • A copy of a multiple-entry visa to Russia for all foreigners, except for citizens of those countries with which Russia has a visa-free regime.
  • A copy of the migration card.
  • Photocopies of previous registrations, if any.

Visa to France