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The state of Utah was populated by Indian tribes (Utes and Navajos) when in 1776 Spanish missionaries penetrated the territory to Lake Utah. Mormons, persecuted for their religious beliefs, settled in the region from 1847 and, led by Brigham Young, founded Salt Lake City there.

The United States did not take possession of the region, which belonged to Mexico, which, following the Guadalupe Hidalgo treaty (1848), which ended the American-Mexican war. In 1849, Mormons issued an application for admission to the Union. This was delayed by the difficulties that exist between Mormons and the federal government, namely regarding polygamie acceptance by the Mormon Church. From 1862, the United States government encouraged the immigration of No.mormons, who flocked to Utah after the inauguration of the transcontinental railroad in 1869. When it became Utah, it was finally admitted to the Union on January 4, 1896, as the forty-fifth American state.

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The state’s economy prospered rapidly at the beginning of the twentieth and century thanks to the irrigation of practiced Mormons and the development of mining and the foundry industry. After World War II, the federal government, which owns 60 p. 100 from Utah, replaced military facilities (missile production). The discovery of uranium and oil deposits, followed by the installation, in the early 1990s, of high-tech activities also maintained important economic and demographic growth, thanks to a very positive migratory balance.

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Universities, scientific institutions in Utah

University of Utah in Salt Lake City
The state University of Utah was founded in 1850 and is not only for this reason very steeped in history. Nevertheless, the University of Utah is the oldest higher education institution in Utah. In 1983 the first artificial heart was transplanted here worldwide. The University of Utah has a particularly good reputation in the fields of medicine, computer science and population biology. Around 30,000 students are currently studying here.

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Utah State University in Logan
Utah State University was founded in 1888 as an agricultural college. Utah State University is considered a particularly research-intensive university. A total of approximately 25,000 students are currently studying at Utah Sate University.

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Utah Valley University in Orem
Utah Valley University was founded in 1941 as the Cental Utah Vocational School. Back then in the city of Provo. It wasn’t until 1977 that she moved to her current location in the city of Orem. Today, over 23,000 students study at Utah Valley University, making it the third largest in Utah. The university is considered one of the fastest growing universities in the United States.

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Brigham Young University in Provo
Brigham Young University in the city of Provo is an ecclesiastical (Mormon) university. It was founded in 1875. Every student at Brigham Young University is required to take courses in religious subjects, no matter what subject the student is studying. With approximately 34,000 students, Brigham Young University is the largest religious university in the United States and the fourth largest private university in the United States.

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Public Schools in Utah by County

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