UHS-III to The MicroSD Format, More of 600 MB/S and Video 4K for Lists Reach Slow Motion

Moving ever more powerful, ever more capable cameras and storage must be consistent. Not only to increase, as it has been years doing, but also improve your speed. In that sector it works for some time, like the last iPhone 7 incorporating technology SSD used in their Macbook, competing with UFS memories that it already assemble other flagships of the market.
MicroSD cards are also evolving and the fixing of standards is responsible for the SD Association, or Secure Card Association. The latest announcement that have been carried out will be interested, above all, to the lovers of the video in high resolution, and also to those who opt for video recording in slow motion. Those who require faster read and write already here have the UHS-III format.

Up to 624 MB/s

As we mentioned in our article concerning the choice of the best card microSD for your mobile phone, the cards differ in more than its capacity. Each type of card carries a maximum, always talking about stable Maxima, reading and writing of data. Some processes, such as the already mentioned high resolution video recording, require higher speeds and that’s where it entered the UHS format long ago, that now it welcomes its third generation.
The first standard card UHS arrived with the UHS-1 class 1. With these cards we could get stable reading and writing speeds in the 10 MB/s. various kinds afterwards, the recent UHS-III will allow stable up to 624 MB/s read and write speeds, doubling the last maximum speed attained the UHS-II class 2, offering 312 MB/s.
As I said the own SD Association, card format UHS-II doubled the band’s contact pins to add more bandwidth to transmit information between the devices and the cards themselves. Digital cameras and other gadgets for the normal SD cards, smartphones, tablets and smartwatches when we refer to the microSD card.
UHS-III cards will work on devices that already support UHS-II
The novelty of the new UHS-III standard is that you do not need to expand the number of these pins of contact, but it uses the same settings already exists in the UHS-II. What does it mean? The compatibility of the new system with the above is automatic. Not only speak a UHS-III reader can read UHS-II, but compatibility also occurs in the other direction. If your mobile phone is ready for UHS-II cards, the third generation of the same will be available for you.
By the time that has been set is a new standard based on tests with prototype cards, but the SD Association expects manufacturers to develop products with the new specification and maximum speed in short. Without providing specific dates, we hope that These new cards microSD UHS-III are available this year. The price between will be another story.