Transform Rooms with the Right Living Fabrics

It’s finally getting really spring-like again: It’s been light longer, the first trees and bushes are blooming and the down jacket can be stowed away again. A fresh spring look can also be created in the house and apartment in no time at all with cushions, curtains and homemade decorations made of fabrics. Whether bought or homemade: The use of living fabrics makes your home really cozy! This is due to the optical variety of fabrics, the colors and patterns and also the haptic experience that we feel when we touch cotton, velvet and other home fabrics. To see xxl murals for art experiences, please check necessaryhome.

Home fabrics: a new look in a matter of seconds

The classic among the quick and easy changes: changing the covers of the sofa cushions. Even small changes in the interior with fabrics sometimes make a big difference. How about, for example, a bedspread for the bed? Or a seat improvised with floor cushions by the floor-to-ceiling window, including a clear view of the first buds? A freshening treatment in the form of tea towels, place mats or chair cushions is also good for the kitchen. Other hot fabric trends are:

  • Flower pots in the form of cloth bags that lightly and beautifully present daffodils and the like.
  • Kitchen aprons with flowers in the 50’s look decorate the kitchen and are practical.
  • Seat cushions in different colors and with patterns on the floor invite you to relax and, when stacked, are a stool and decoration at the same time.
  • Have the lampshades upholstered in the same upholstery fabric as the sofa cushions. This way your fabric interior looks cool and professionally styled at the same time.
  • Many room divider ideas can be implemented with home fabrics.

Fabrics that make living more beautiful

Even beginners can often make home accessories from fabrics themselves. And that’s how it gets individual: no matter how much you love silk scarves or cashmere sweaters, when furnishing your home, it makes sense to first select the fabric based on its intended use and then on the material and design. There is a rough division

  • light decorative fabrics/curtain fabrics for curtains,
  • decorative fabrics for cushions,
  • upholstery fabrics for covers,
  • Outdoor fabrics with special properties such as e.g. B. UV protection,
  • and living leather, which is also suitable for cushion covers.

Sewing by the yard is available in many shops, department stores, or online.

Transform Rooms with the Right Living Fabrics

If you are looking for special fabrics for the interior, we recommend collections such as the Designers Guild, which can be bought from the interior decorator. This is worthwhile, for example, if you want your favorite chair to have a new, unusual cover. These fabric publishers also offer durable living fabrics that are used in hotels, for example, and can withstand a lot. In addition, the designs range from country house to pop art and baroque glamour. They are printed, cleverly woven or flocked and therefore usually offer an experience when you touch them. Or you can rummage through the local markets on your next holiday in warmer regions. You can often buy beautiful materials here that you can use to implement creative furnishing ideas with fabrics.

Even with little equipment, countless living ideas can be implemented with fabric. With a fabric tacker, like those used by upholsterers, a simple sewing machine, good scissors and a bit of skill, cushions and curtains can be sewn or fabrics stretched on stretcher frames. Depending on the pattern and size, this decoration made of fabrics looks sensational and also makes a great gift.

Fabric trends

The vintage look with nostalgic lettering from French cafés or with a maritime flair is a perennial favourite. Animal head prints are also very popular. Furnishings become more sophisticated with textured fabrics or unusual colours. The mega trend of bronze and copper and many metallic-looking fabrics can always be seen at the International Furniture Fair (imm) in Cologne. The same goes for pleated and knitted fabrics – then in light, light shades. Ultimately, the fabrics have to match the furnishings, with breaks in style being expressly permitted.

Transform Rooms with the Right Living Fabrics