Tips for Your Made-to-measure Sofa: How to Create Your Dream Sofa

Would you like to buy a sofa? Then take a little time to read this article beforehand. After all, a sofa can keep you happy for years – or it can become extremely annoying if you regret your decision. Maybe you are even thinking about a custom-made sofa? The sometimes slightly higher purchase price often pays off if your sofa is well planned from the start. Our sofa categories and checklist of questions will help you. To see wallpapers for the bedroom, please check listofledlights.

What should your sofa be able to do?

A sofa is not necessarily cheap. A bad buy haunts you every time you want to throw yourself on it after a long day and just can’t sit comfortably – let alone any injuries resulting from incorrect jumping technique. Before you buy a new sofa, first define your financial framework and think carefully about what you actually want to use the new sofa for. Which of these categories suits you?

Tips for Your Made-to-measure Sofa

Custom-made sofas for lounging and relaxing

For example, do you want to use the sofa mainly for watching TV and also like to take a nap on it? Then the Wiesbaden sofa suits you with its flexibly selectable height : It is particularly ergonomic and makes it easier to get up, even if you are still a bit sleepy. The Cologne sofa is also extremely comfortable. You can also configure this sofa to measure so that the width is also suitable for the occasional nap – and even a long chair version is available!

Timeless and elegant made-to-measure sofas

Cosiness should never be neglected when you buy a new sofa. But maybe apart from that you prefer timeless elegance and clear lines? Then you might like the New York sofa , which is not only comfortable but also looks good in an office – maybe with a matching armchair? The Vienna sofa is also very elegant and scores points with its sophisticated armrests – well-groomed seating at a high level.

Charming sofas to relax in

The young, cosmopolitan London sofa exudes a very special style , which is perfect for a (even very small) city apartment. Despite the relatively small size, it really invites you to feel good and looks particularly good with a fabric cover. The Munich sofa also has a distinctive feel-good character: With flexible insert or support cushions, it is ideal as a family sofa. Did we mention that you can also configure this made-to-measure sofa as a corner sofa – or as a long chair, ottoman or armchair? It couldn’t be more flexible!

More than just a sofa: “Berlin”, “Düsseldorf” and “Hamburg” for sleeping

Comfortable seating during the day, sleeping accommodation for you and your guests at night: sofa beds are super comfortable and some – like the Düsseldorf sofa – even have a full mattress. The Berlin sofa, on the other hand, scores with the fact that you can pull it out in seconds and turn it into a sofa bed, while the Hamburg sofa offers you practical and space-saving storage space in the ventilated bed box.

This checklist will help you to buy the right sofa

It’s not that easy to think of everything in advance – and especially with a larger investment like a sofa, it’s worth looking into the future. This checklist will help you keep everything in mind. So you are well prepared when you set out to buy your new sofa:

  • How big can the sofa be? In an article we give you helpful tips for the right dimensions for your sofa.
  • Should there be room for many people? Keep in mind that there may be children in the future.
  • Is the sofa intended more for lying down and relaxing or for sitting, reading and working?
  • Which shape suits your facility? Would you like to have a really large couch landscape, a chic two-seater or the classic corner sofa?
  • How about a matching armchair?
  • Do you prefer a cover made of leather or fabric? How resistant should it be (e.g. for a family sofa)?

Is there a sofa that combines all your desires? Because in addition to the functions of a sofa, the design is of course also important. Does the style and size of the new couch fit into your existing living concept? If not, a custom-made sofa can be a solution for you.

Plan made-to-measure sofas online

Nowadays, you can easily plan your perfect sofa online: For a made-to-measure sofa, you specify shapes, sizes and upholstery fabrics as you wish. Simply use our configurator to have your sofa made to measure . If you want to check the cover materials thoroughly before you buy your sofa, you can visit one of our exhibitions – or have some samples sent to your home free of charge.

Finally, a few tips: When buying your sofa, make sure that it is easy to assemble and disassemble, and consider how large the individual elements of your sofa are and whether you can easily transport them to your living area. Narrow hallways and stairwells sometimes represent an insurmountable obstacle during transport.

But don’t sacrifice the quality of your new upholstered furniture because of such obstacles – a made-to-measure sofa can solve the problem here too. Did you know that the term “sofa” comes from Arabic and originally meant “resting bench”? So choose a sofa that, in addition to design, style and flexibility, also has a high feel-good factor.

Tips for Your Made-to-measure Sofa