Tim Cook, Eddy Cue, and Craig Federighi Granted a New Interview: Some of The Most Interesting Details

This week the FastCo magazine has conducted a series of interview to three of the most important people of Apple: Tim Cook, Eddy Cue, and Craig Federighi. From them we can extract a number of statements of the most interesting with respect to topics such as betas públucas, the damned future of Apple or innovation within the company.

Apple from the point of view of those responsible

The public betas of Apple

One of the first things that stand out is the decision of Apple to offer public betas to all the usuartios who want to test the operating systems before release. The main reason was the bad Apple Maps launch and not wanting to repeat this experience:
For all of us living in Cupertino makes having excellent maps. Isn’t it? (The problem) was not so obvious for us. We had never before offered to a large number and people able to offer feedback. Now we do it.
Public betas are the result of the failure of Apple Maps at launch
The public beta program is one of the most important projects of the company each year. Something that certainly not would have liked Steve Jobs for nothing, but something absolutely necessary today with the amount of information that must be processed. First introduced the program of public betas for the desktop operating system, with Yosemite in 2014. Last year we also saw the introduction of iOS 9 public beta program.

Innovation without Steve Jobs

Eddy Cue also explained how they work with the theme of innovation in the company, due to multiple criticisms that receives the company by users and media.
The world thinks that we offered great strides every year when Steve Jobs was with us. These products were developed during a long period of time.
In other words, Apple innovation is gradual, increasing the functionality of the hardware and software. An example: If before the innovation was to offer a completely new mapping service, now innovation is in while you write a mail to stay at X time, the service alerts you that you get 23 minutes earlier to get because of the traffic that is.

Is Apple as a doomed Enterprise?

Tim Cook He responded to criticisms that say year after year that the company is doomed to fail with the business model they have now. Will a point where the iPhone will no longer be the livelihood of the company and will begin to plummet reach? These things are not worried about Tim Cook too. But that does not mean that the company is perfect:
Most importantly, do you have the courage to admit that you are wrong? And can it be changed? The most important thing for my as CEO is to maintain the value of the company.

The plans for the future of Apple

Tim Cook has also explained that There is no lack of ambition within the company. They want to exp andirse to new areas, but they will do it at the right time.
Our strategy through to help you in every moment of your life that we can, if you’re sitting in the living room, on the desk, on the phone, or in the car.
Also speaking of health as one of the most important areas of the company in the last few years. They began with the topic of health, then entered into aspects of well-being and are now conducting more important research on the care of persons.