Tile Trends for the Bathroom

Bathroom tiles play a key role in determining the look of a bathroom. They can be used to make a bathroom with warm tones cozy and homely, but they can also be used to create a minimalist, reduced design. However, it is important that the tiles from the tile trade match the overall concept and the furnishings of the bathroom. To see decorative wallpaper borders, please check listofledlights.

Choosing bathroom tiles for small bathrooms

In principle, light colors are still preferred in designs and color schemes, especially for smaller bathrooms. Depending on the height of the bathroom , you can either tile up to the ceiling or leave half a meter between the tiles and the ceiling. Nowadays, however, people tend not to tile up to the ceiling. Pastel colors, light gray or mirror tiles are particularly suitable for small bathrooms . Through them, the small bathroom is optically enlarged . However, small mosaic tiles from the tile trade can also be positioned around a bathroom mirror to create a visual highlight.

The right tiles for large bathrooms

But the tile trade also has a lot to offer for large bathrooms. Here in particular, darker colors such as dark blue, dark purple or even black tiles from the tile trade can provide more comfort in the bathroom . Dark tiles can be optimally combined with light wallpaper and light wood elements . Contrasting tiles can also be attached here. If you choose very dark tiles from the tile trade, only one of the walls should be covered with these dark tiles. Another variant is, for example, to tile the lower half of the walls dark and to design the upper half with lighter colors.

Tile Trends for the Bathroom

Give the bathroom a profile with tile trends

Monochrome, smooth and shiny tiles are indeed indispensable in the tile trade. However, these are complemented by accented tiles. This is the case, for example, with tiles with gently wavy surfaces or with tiles with a wood look. But also tiles with a vintage look from the tile trade ensure an exciting and varied look in the bathroom. If you like color, you can use modern contrasting tiles. With these tiles, contrasts can be created in combination with white floor or wall tiles. These decorative effect tiles add profile to the wall and the stripes on the contrasting tiles create a lively stripe effect. But tiles with a quartz look can also be used as floor tiles from the tile trade, especially for bathrooms that should appear in a natural look. The structure of the floor tiles ensures that they are non-slip, which is why they are particularly suitable for the wellness area, i.e. for bathrooms with whirlpools or saunas. Wherever people walk on the floor with wet feet, such tiles, which are based on natural stone, are suitable.

The classics from the tile trade with modern accents

Mosaic tiles are an evergreen in bathroom design. These are not only available in different colours, but there is also the option of designing the bathroom in a 3D look.The mosaic tiles can be combined in many ways. It is therefore possible to design parts of the bathroom or the entire bathroom with these decorative tiles. The mosaic tiles are available in practical panels and can be attached like normal wall or floor tiles. In the tile trade you can choose between a matt and a glossy look. And last but not least, sandblasted tiles ensure a structured surface. Of course, light-colored tiles, i.e. white or sand-colored tiles, can still be attached to the floor or walls. A special impression is achieved by using mosaic tiles arranged like bricks. These mosaic tiles can be used for both floors and walls.

Tile Trends for the Bathroom