Tidying up the Wardrobe in 3 Steps

Many of us know the morning drama: “Where is that chic new thing that I really wanted to wear today?” You ask yourself when you look in the closet. All of this at 7:30 a.m., of course, when every minute counts so you don’t get to work late. Nevertheless, the good resolutions to finally tidy up the closet are already out of mind in the afternoon. It can be so easy to create order in the closet. In this article you will learn how to do this. To see plain wallpapers, please check necessaryhome.

Step 1 for more order: Clean out the closet

Thorough clearing out is part of spring cleaning. No surprise, right? Since sorting out is so important and yet so difficult for many, we are sharing our five best tips for tidying up your closet with you:

  1. Set an appointment: Schedule the time to clear out in your calendar. This way you know that you have a larger window of time available on the day and nothing can come between you.
  2. Invite a friend over: Not only is decluttering more fun for two, but someone close to you can honestly tell you if it’s really worth keeping this or that piece of clothing.
  3. Take it step by step: If you have a lot of clothes, you may find it difficult to clean out your entire closet in one go. Then take each subject piece by piece, or just look at a very specific type of dress.
  4. Trying on: Honesty is the most important thing when trying on. Will you really lose the ten kilos in the foreseeable future to be able to wear this article of clothing again? It helps to throw away anything you haven’t worn in the last 12 months.
  5. Cleaning: When the entire closet is empty, take the time to give your closet a thorough wipe down. This is hygienic and is the best basis for the new order in the wardrobe.

Step 2: Tidy up your closet with these tips

First of all, take a step back and take a good look at your open wardrobe. Find out which corners and compartments are hard to reach. It can pay off to invest in a made – to-measure wardrobe : this has the advantage that you can determine the height of the wardrobe, but also the depth of the compartments and the size of the drawers so that everything is easily accessible for you. But again, you will have areas that you visit less often.

Tidying up the Wardrobe in 3 Steps

These areas include things that you don’t use that often, for example seasonal clothing such as bathing suits, particularly thick winter jackets or hiking equipment for vacation. You don’t usually look into the lower levels of a closet that often either – so this is a good place for exclusive bags that you only wear on special occasions, or for shoes that you won’t get back until the next summer or winter will wear.

Speaking of shoes: In a wardrobe that doesn’t have a system, they quickly get mixed up. If you want to tidy up your closet systematically, pack your shoes in pairs in transparent boxes if possible. You can stack them neatly on top of each other. It would also be possible for you to buy a separate shoe cabinet.

Now sort the remaining items of clothing into the remaining areas. There are many systems that you can use to organize your closet. For example, you could sort your clothes by

  • Product type (all t-shirts, pants, skirts etc. together)
  • Season (summer, winter and transitional clothing grouped)
  • Color (for a great view of the open wardrobe)

Whichever system you choose, the most important thing is that you can see and reach everything at a glance after you have tidied up your closet. To ensure that you can do this in a small space, take a look at the following three professional tips:

1. Put the “golden four” in the center of the wardrobe

There are these outfits that just always go – and they should always be at hand and stowed away at a comfortable height. So your best four sets of clothes – the “golden four” – belong in the center of your closet. Even if you are in the process of tidying up a walk-in closet, it is best to choose an extra rod or a particularly central compartment for these four outfits.

2. A great tip for tidying up the closet: roll clothes instead of folding them

With this method, you can, for example, place many T-shirts – wound into tight rolls – upright in a box and thus see from above which T-shirts are available and which colors are available. Some people are so excited about this space-saving method that they even roll their underwear and socks.

3. Hang belts on hangers

Belts tend to get mixed up, get knotted and sometimes end up in a mess – but not if you hang them side by side on hangers. This way, you can easily identify them, pick them out and detach them from the hanger if necessary without having to unravel a large ball first.

Step 3: Keep track of things even after tidying up in the closet

So that all the effort you put into tidying up your closet is really worth it and the order isn’t gone after two months, it’s important to maintain the new system. It just takes some discipline: the moment you put your clothes away after washing, you need to apply your new wardrobe organization strategies. By the way: Items of clothing that you want to wear a second time do not belong in the closet. It’s much easier to keep things tidy if you get an extra place for those clothes, like a dedicated linen closet .

Tidying up in the walk-in closet?

A walk-in closet is a dream for many. It is often possible to set up such a wardrobe even in small apartments. With a few tricks, such as matching custom-made furniture or a room divider , the dream can perhaps come true in your own home. As? We show you that in our blog article on the walk-in closet . Basically, the same advice as with a closet applies if you want to tidy up your walk-in closet and keep it organized.

Tidying up the Wardrobe in 3 Steps