Thompson Rivers University Student Review

Before the lectures start, there is an introductory week for international students. This should definitely be visited, as you can make first contacts. The first party and concert will also take place this week. There is also a free T-shirt with which you get free entry to all games of the sports teams at the university.

Although you do not need a language certificate, you have to take the test for English as a Second Language (ESL) on site if you do not have a TOFL result. However, you don’t have to worry about failing this test, as you can definitely take five academic courses. The classification is direct student if you have applied via Top-Medical-Schools. The existing language skills should be good enough to be able to follow the lectures easily. Articles must also be written in English in the journalism courses. There is a writing service that you can submit the texts to. But this is of no use if the text is prepared and graded in the lesson. The grade is included in the final grade. The submitted articles are also graded and go into the final grade such as unannounced tests, presentations.

The university can be compared to a German university of applied sciences because the practical relevance is very high. There is also a maximum of 30 students in one class. However, in most courses the books have to be bought as not all of them are available in the library. Books can only be borrowed for two weeks. The loan period can be extended a maximum of three times. Furthermore, the copy shop on campus only copies a single chapter and at an inflated price when it comes to colored pages.

There is a bookstore on campus where you can buy books, stationery, t-shirts and backpacks. This also buys back the books bought there. Please note that you can only buy back books that the professors have specified for their lectures. If the professor has specified a new edition and no further editions, the bookstore will not buy the old edition. There is also an Apple Store, doctor’s office and massage studio on campus. However, the range of sports on offer is very limited. There is no baseball or lacross team of its own. You also look in vain for your own football team. Instead there is ice hockey, basketball, volleyball and soccer. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t much going on on campus. Other sports such as climbing are offered.

The own activity center organizes various events. The activities offered are related to the semester. For example, there is a Halloween party and a shopping tour to Kelowna in autumn. In winter, it’s worth going to Sun Peaks, about 60 kilometers away, for skiing or snowboarding. From December there is a shuttle bus that leaves in front of the New Residence building.

The New Residence building is one of four residential options. The New Residence is the most expensive and the most comfortable option. Two students share a suite here. In contrast, the cheapest dormitory, the Mc Gill, has a room that is equipped with a small kitchen. The Upper College Height is located off campus. This is about 15 minutes from the campus and there is a large supermarket across the street. There are also shared apartments here. The last option is to live with a host family. This is the best solution if you want to improve your language skills. There are around 1,000 international students each semester. Many of them are German speakers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The largest proportion consists of Asians.

The place is quite small with about 8,000 inhabitants and the bus connection is not as good as in Germany. This is not how you can get everywhere with the city buses. There is no bus going to the Sun Peaks ski area before December and anyone who wants to go to the Indian industrial park, in which there are sports halls and the rodeo area, has to walk unless he has a car.

The Greyhound bus takes five hours to Vancouver and a little over nine to Calgary. The bus takes a proud three days to get to Montreal. In winter you can count on another hour as a delay. Furthermore, you have to be prepared for the fact that the luggage is checked.

Thompson Rivers University