The Style of Living in Asia

The Asian culture is different from the European one, and this is also reflected in the Asian style of living. While in Europe we often attach great importance to cosiness and modernity, the living style in Asia is based on values ​​such as balance and harmony. Could you use more of that in your life? Then look forward to this article, which will introduce you to the basics of Asian furnishing. To see exclusive wall decorative elements, please check bestcraftblog.

This is typical for the style of living in Asia

The philosophy of Feng Shui is concerned with bringing things into balance and thus creating a flow of energy that is transferred from living to people. Balance, it is believed, is easier to achieve by cutting out everything that is unnecessary. The Asian style of living is sometimes a bit minimalist: simple, calm and focused on the essentials.

Up to this point, we Europeans can still keep up – minimalism is also becoming increasingly popular with us. But the Asian style of living and Feng Shui go even further: For example, you should also avoid sharp corners and edges – such as on furniture – so that no negative energies accumulate there. Round, curved shapes are the better choice. Electrical devices and mirrors can also disrupt the flow of energy and should therefore never be placed in the bedroom.

Important materials of the Asian living style are bamboo and paper. Among other things, bamboo mats serve as seating and colorful paper walls as room dividers . Natural materials are also suitable for textiles and decorative objects, including stones, porcelain or silk.

The Style of Living in Asia

Furnish in an Asian style with the right furniture

If you want to furnish your home in an Asian style, you should primarily rely on functional furniture that primarily serves its purpose and does not distract from the essentials. Tables and chairs in particular are often low so that the connection to the earth is maintained thanks to the proximity to the ground. Pro tip for you: If you have furniture made to measure , you can decide for yourself how high or low it should be.

Traditionally, Asians often sit on mats or ottomans around a low table. If that’s a bit too much of a good thing for your Asian-style home furnishings, a low, wide couch also goes well with the overall picture.

Colors and decorations of the Asian style of living

There is no uniform color scheme in the living style reminiscent of Asia. The cultures that influenced him are very different. For example, traditional Japanese colors include white, red and black, while in China yellow stands for balance, and in India bright, bright colors are used. The important thing is that you like the colors and that there is a certain harmony.

Harmony also comes first in the decoration. With natural materials and plants, the Asian style of living creates a sense of equilibrium and balance. Bonsai trees, lotus flowers and orchids are combined with natural things such as stones, pieces of wood or water bowls with water lilies. Religious symbols or Asian characters are also suitable as authentic decorations.

Last but not least, the style of living, which is reminiscent of Asia, lives from the small things that create a special atmosphere: A slowly burning incense stick or gently shimmering lanterns in the evening round off the overall picture.

The Style of Living in Asia