The Solution of Zoom Optical for Mobile of Oppo Already Is Here and Offers Up to 5 X

We take months, years even if we have the first experiments that already showed an incipient trend, seeing how to reach the market various solutions for double lenses on the part of many of the manufacturers involved in the current scene. We have mixing between objectives normal and large angular, monochrome accompanying others for color and even games with blur, so striking bokeh.
Of course, there are also proposals to carry optical zoom mobile phones. Optical zoom without moving lens, which is the main feature. In the case of Apple and ASUS, for example, have opted for two lenses with two different, focal to so you can jump from one to another and get our long-awaited zoom. Now Oppo proposes his own solution, a Prism and multiple lenses to offer 5 x magnification without loss of quality.

Two lenses, a Prism

The secret of Oppo to achieve this optical 5 x zoom in a mobile phone with fixed lenses is that it still are the lenses, but not part of the internal mechanism. In particular, we talk about a system of more than fifty pieces in which Yes there moving parts. In fact, the zoom key is a moving part and the most important of the entire system, interior Prism that have taken months to develop and for which have employed a team of more than 100 engineers.
Oppo placed a lens master at the beginning of this new camera and other main lens at the end of it, both to capture the image that finally reach the sensor of the camera, the charge process this image. Which produces up to 5 x zoom is a Prism placed between both lenses, and accompanied by another handful of internal parts, and takes care of redirect the light that enters through the first lens to the second.
The key to everything is inside Prism, and they have come to create up to eight different models up to the proper
Depending on the position of this Prism, the light is grouped or is dispersed, resulting in an increase of the image captured without losses, finally ending in the photographic camera sensor. The sensor, therefore not make any clipping through the software. Just about it focuses the image of one size or another.
Thus, Oppo ensures achieving a maximum five x zoom that can also go changing, simply by turning the prism from the phone’s software, and not lose one iota of quality along the way. The system has a drawback, and is that it produces a thicker than usual camera module then in Oppo they have been unwilling to dispense with optical stabilizer.

The thickness is not a problem… for now

Do you have an advantage? Naturally. Despite its thickness, 5.7 mm, is still slimmer than most mobile market. If you want to introduce more increases, the camera module engordaría to cause having to enter a prism of greater size, and therefore “fattening” mobile can be a problem in the future if she is looking for results that can be found in the most advanced telephoto.
At the moment no we can advance you nothing more, because the system has been presented during MWC in Barcelona that held at the moment and we have already gone to try it first-hand, to verify results produces and if really offers us a real optical zoom up to 5 x with fixed lenses. There is no doubt that we are faced with a great advance for cameras of mobile phones although, logically, will be patented by the own Oppo. That leaves the rest of the market. For the time being.

And ready, we’ve tried it