The Right Wellness Accessories for Cozy Days at Home

If the weather outside is modest or the day ticket for the thermal baths just exceeds the budget, you can also enjoy relaxation and recreation at home with the right wellness accessories. In this article you will find wellness ideas that work at home and stimulate your senses. To see decorative privacy screen for every window, please check bestcraftblog.

The right preparation for a wellness weekend at home

In order not to rush unnecessarily before your relaxation phase at the weekend or after work, it is helpful if all your wellness accessories are already to hand and clearly sorted in the bathroom. Decorative bowls and containers in which, for example, soap, fragrances or decorative elements such as flower petals are kept can help.

It also promotes relaxation if the apartment is reasonably tidy beforehand, so that you don’t have to look at the dirty towels when you take a relaxing bath. That doesn’t mean that there has to be order down to the smallest corner. Thanks to sufficient storage space – for example with the help of niche cupboards , bed drawers or spacious mirrored cupboards – the utensils simply disappear from view.

If you can now make sure that you are not disturbed by the doorbell or cell phone messages during your downtime, nothing stands in the way of the wellness experience at home.

The Right Wellness Accessories for Cozy Days at Home

Wellness accessories: a soothing scent ensures relaxation

Our memories are most closely linked to our sense of smell. Therefore, with the right scents, you can conjure up positive experiences again and use them for your time-out. There are countless wellness accessories that you can use to incorporate scents, such as:

  • Scented candles
  • Scented soaps (often with essential oils)
  • Scented stones, for example made of terracotta
  • Scented sticks in beautifully curved glass vessels

Citrus scents have a stimulating and invigorating effect, you can use lavender to calm you down, and the gentle vanilla supports your relaxation. But as I said: Feel free to choose your personal favorite scents!

Relaxation for the eyes with wellness accessories for the bathroom

As is well known, the eye eats with you – and it also relaxes with you. Soap and towel holders, fragrance dispensers, etc. can also become beautiful decorative elements in addition to being practical. For example, use copper bowls to store particularly high-quality, fragrant bars of soap or tinted glass for soap and fragrance dispensers.

Towels may be presented rolled up on copper trays or bowls. The bonus here: Such bowls and other vessels are much easier to move out of the way for cleaning than the individual objects on them.

Fresh flowers also add value to any room. Place fresh cut flowers or green plants in pots in the living room on the chest of drawers , on the kitchen table , in the bathroom on the shelf or even on the edge of the bathtub as wellness accessories .

Light also plays a major role in the wellness atmosphere. To relax, rely primarily on indirect light, for example with the help of floor and table lamps, individual LEDs (which can be placed on the mirror cabinet, for example) or fairy lights.

Relaxed sounds create calm

Yes, relaxation can also be heard: your favorite music or a radio play can be easily played in the bathroom with the help of a portable music box. Or how about relaxing with the soft sounds of nature – such as rippling water, the rustling of leaves or the sea?
Singing bowls are also one of the inexpensive, effective wellness ideas for at home. The gentle sounds support both a pleasant massage and your evening relaxation bath.

Experience wellness: the most important step for your recovery

Of course, just putting together a series of wellness accessories does not automatically lead to relaxation. We suggest the following activities for your wellness weekend at home or your relaxing end of the day:

  • a relaxing bubble bath
  • a soothing massage with your partner
  • breakfast in bed – or in the bath
  • staying in your pajamas all day

You can support the last point in particular with other wellness accessories: Get a fluffy bathrobe and the matching slippers for the time out at home, just like you would get in a luxury hotel or in the thermal baths. Treat yourself to the matching huge towels, fragrant heating pads and maybe the right detox tea.
By the way: For even more comfort at home, you can also take a look at our article on the Hygge style of living .

The Right Wellness Accessories for Cozy Days at Home