The Nordic and Scandi Styles for Home Decoration

A breath of fresh air for your own four walls: The furnishing trends in 2020 are cool, pastel or romantic. We can expect completely new, but also cherished and adapted styles of living, most of which are Scandinavian. This article gives you an overview of the interior design trends that will set the tone in 2020. To see mural sets, please check necessaryhome.

Minimalist and elegant

When the days in autumn and winter not only get shorter, but above all darker, the Nordic and Scandinavian styles bring more comfort into your own four walls. This coziness is also reflected in the furnishing trends of 2020. The motto is: “Less is more!”. Instead, attention is focused on beautiful things that simply make you happy.

The Scandinavian style is the result of the geographical isolation of the Nordic countries, traditional craftsmanship and social attitudes at the beginning of the 20th century. Because, according to the prevailing opinion, beautiful things should not only be affordable for everyone, but also enrich people’s lives. They still do that today with the characteristic forms of this style of living . Minimalist, straight, highly functional and yet elegant.

Scandi Styles for Home Decoration

Hygge furnishing trends 2020 for living rooms and bedrooms

Another effect of the geographical location: Scandinavia is characterized by long and dark winters. A lot of time is therefore spent at home, with friends and family. So it’s not surprising that Scandinavian design aims to bring brightness and warmth into the room. In the furnishing trends 2020, this is reflected in the fact that particularly muted colors and many light elements are used. The combination of wood and textile is also popular and creates a cozy atmosphere.

The Nordic style also likes to use natural materials, for example in the form of comfortable cushions, blankets, carpets and curtains. The room not only appears bright and friendly, but also cozy – or simply “hyggelig” , as the Danes would say. Green plants as well as modern elements and shapes in lamps, pictures and decorative items complement the look – an inviting furnishing trend that will certainly survive in 2020.

These are the colors of the furnishing trends 2020: pastel tones and “neo mint”

Pastel shades such as dusky pink, eggshell yellow and mint green are not only important for the Scandinavian style – they are also totally trendy in 2020 in their own right. “Neo-Mint” is the absolute trend color of the year. Above all, the combination of white furniture or walls and elements in light pastel tones is THE furnishing trend for the living room in 2020. Pastel tones look light and airy and bring freshness and lightness to the gray of everyday life.

Insider tip:
Small rooms are often painted white to make the room appear larger. However, if you use a pastel tone instead of the usual white, you bring warmth into the room in addition to lightness.

Perhaps the most natural furnishing trend of 2020: Warm Nordic

In recent years, Nordic design has embarked on a new style: clear lines, subtle colors and a wealth of wooden elements have recently been combined with colorful accents in strong, saturated colors that are intended to bring warmth into the room.

As one of the most colorful and at the same time most natural interior design trends of 2020, the warm Nordic design combines Scandinavian interiors with colorful accessories. Cupboards with a body in a natural, warm wood tone can become an absolute eye-catcher with colored accents – such as handleless cupboard doors in mint turquoise.

The color combination of green and wood tones exudes a lot of calm and is therefore perfect for a place of relaxation. No wonder that this furnishing trend is particularly popular for living rooms and bedrooms in 2020. Lush photo walls or pictures with colorful frames also contribute to the overall picture.

“Romantic” is also one of the furnishing trends in 2020

A romantic interior is often associated with shades of pink and red. Not male? Too cheesy? Or too dreamy? A fallacy, because the core of a romantic and atmospheric interior is not just the color, but the mood that is created by the interior, wall design and decorative elements. In addition to the classic pink and red tones, blue, as the color of longing and romance, is also one of the furnishing trend colors for 2020. Soft fabrics and materials, muted tones and shiny details in an extravagant look – all these elements are part of the romantic atmosphere.

Wooden elements with a natural look also contribute enormously to the mood and can be integrated as exposed beams, furniture, table legs and lamp bases. Especially when using “feminine” colors, visible wooden elements bring more personality and romance into the room, far away from fairytale castles and kitsch, due to their rougher character.

The 2020 furnishing trends are given the finishing touch by warm light sources that bring even more cosiness and relaxation into the home: from wall lamps, opulent chandeliers, shade lamps on side tables to graceful floor lamps and real fireplaces – there are countless possibilities here.

Finally, an insider tip: For a romantic atmosphere, you should choose the right light source. Warm white LEDs between 2700 and 3000 Kelvin or LED gold light lamps are ideal. There are also bulbs with flickering light for a candle effect.

The Nordic and Scandi Styles for Home Decoration