The Merger between Nokia and Alcatel-Lucent Also Affect Spain, 320 Jobs in Jeopardy

There is no worse way to wake up that receiving the news that a large company like Nokia, which was one of the historic giants of the mobile phone market, has been reported its intention to dispense with much of its staff in Spain. Specifically, up to 20% of its staff is in the process of losing their jobs unless there are changes.
320 jobs in total are those who may be at risk under the release of Nokia, which seems to follow the guidelines set out in the road map after acquiring Alcatel-Lucent, one of its competitors in the telecommunications sector. This reset, regardless of 320 jobs in Spain, would lead the company to reduce its workforce by 20%, as we mentioned previously.
We must remember that this Nokia now mentioned is not Nokia then. Smartphones division was acquired by Microsoft, which finally dismissed the Lumia brand in its process of restructuring of the line. Nokia was, therefore, reduced to its telecommunications division. Currently it focuses mainly start-up networks of operators all over the world.

Trade unions have put hands to work

Specifically CCOO, issuing a statement signed by its Manager in the industry sector. “CCOO industry says the total and absolute rejection of this measure. The Union is convinced that the situation of the business is clear expansion and that the good financial situation of the company does not justify a cut of that scale template”.
The ultimate aim of Nokia would be the coming to reduce your operating costs to a figure close to 900 million euros for the year 2018. This would involve layoffs, is finally to carry out, not immediately occur all that resets to that date would be made.
Without having produced even a listing of what put specific are which will be suppressed, Nokia said yes last Wednesday which areas would be affected by the cuts. Like this, they would be in danger areas of research and development as the purely commercial as regional organizations and sales.

Nokia already meets with representatives of their employees

From Nokia already meets with European Councils of its signature and will continue to do so until a round of meetings with representatives of the workers even in 30 countries, those who suffer these cuts to reach the figure of operating costs required by the multinational Finnish.
These dismissals do not fate further aggravate the situation of employment in the technology sector in Spain, a sector that recently already caused rivers of ink due to conflicts of bq with its workers, who are also hauling dismissals.