The Jamb Cabinet – the Perfect Solution for Sloping Ceilings

If you live in an attic apartment or want to use the attic in your own home as living space, you will always come up against the limits of sloping ceilings when setting it up. Either your existing cupboard only fits on the only wall without slopes or you place it in front of the slope and give away valuable storage space and living space. The solution is a jamb cabinet, i.e. a custom-made cabinet with a sloping back that adapts perfectly to the slope of your wall. But what is a jamb anyway and what distinguishes a jamb cabinet? You can find out that and much more in this post.

“Jane closet” or “Knee stick closet”?

The straight wall in the attic up to the beginning of the sloping roof is referred to as jamb. The term is usually used synonymously with knee wall, even if there is a small difference: A knee wall is the part of the outer wall that is raised above the attic and on which the roof beams rest. It usually serves as a support for pitched roofs, as it ensures safe statics. The higher the knee stick, the more space for the living room. Another indicator of the usable space in the attic is the angle of inclination of the sloping roof. The steeper the slope, the better.

The Jamb Cabinet

There are also houses without a knee wall, where the roof beams rest directly on the ceiling of the attic. Walls within the attic are then often pulled up to the slope, which somewhat reduce the available space. These walls are called jambs. What both terms have in common is that they describe the straight wall from the top floor ceiling to the beginning of the sloping roof. That is why Drempel and Kniestock are mostly used synonymously. The height of the jamb or knee wall – i.e. the vertical length of this wall – is decisive for how much space is available to you. You can read all about it here.

A jamb cabinet is a built-in cupboard that is precisely adapted to the height of the jamb and the angle of inclination of the beginning slope. You can place the cupboard directly against the wall, i.e. the jamb, and use the entire space under the slope. This gives you a lot of storage space and saves space in the attic. Visually, the slope disappears behind the cupboard and the straight wall appears higher.

Buy a ready-made cabinet or build it yourself?

Since the dimensions in the attic, the angle of inclination of the roof slopes and the entire room situation are very individual, it is difficult to get a ready-made cupboard with the right height and slope in the furniture trade. The alternative would be to build a jamb cabinet yourself, but it requires a lot of manual skills and experience. A single piece made to measure by a carpenter is usually very expensive and often not an alternative in relation to the intended use of the cabinet.

Configure your individual made-to-measure jamb cabinet online!

With the furniture planner from you can configure your individual made-to-measure jamb cabinet online. In this way, you make perfect use of the space under your sloping roof and can adapt the look of your closet to your taste and the furnishing style of your room. This will make your new jamb cabinet a jewel in your home and an eye-catcher in the previously unused space under the sloping roof. In addition, you can design corresponding jamb shelves or turn a jamb shelf with a sliding door in front of it into an elegant closet or walk-in closet .

Dressing room with jamb shelf

There are hardly any limits to the possible uses and variations of your jamb cabinet. Plan a closet with custom decor and interiors that suit you, or an office closet with plenty of room for your files. A jamb cabinet with glass fronts or with open and closed elements is perfect for the living room. You can also configure jamb cabinets for the bathroom or as a pantry for the kitchen according to your ideas with millimeter precision for the space under the sloping roof.

Your drawer cabinet as a wardrobe

Sloping ceilings create a cozy atmosphere. So what could be more obvious than moving your bedroom to the attic, where you might even be able to see the stars through the skylight while you fall asleep? You can individually plan a wardrobe with a slant at the back at Decide how much space you need for your clothes, bedding, etc. and on which sloping wall you want to place the wardrobe so that it blends discreetly into the room.

Whether a two-door or a cabinet with six doors, everything is possible. Sliding doors or sliding doors do not protrude into the room when opened and, depending on the spatial conditions, you can place your bed closer to the wardrobe.

Drawer closet with sliding doors

It is advisable to fit custom-made shelves of different sizes in the upper sloping area of ​​the closet. Drawers and clothes rails are better suited to the straight part of the closet where the full depth can be used. Let the furnishing experts at advise you.

Of course, in addition to shelves, drawers and clothes rails, you can also choose additional high-quality equipment options for the jamb cabinet, such as:

  • clothes lift
  • Shoe shelf
  • Glass shelf
  • trouser pull-out
  • lighting

You can design your wardrobe with a slanted back in your own style so that it blends harmoniously into the room. A decor in white makes the cupboard visually recede. Doors made of shiny glass decor with invisible handles in push-to-open technology are very elegant and simple. You set accents with colored lacquer fronts, which are reflected in the decorative elements of your interior. You can choose between 190 RAL colors in glossy or matt. In this way, the color of your closet is reflected in the color of the carpet or your bed linen. Perhaps you also prefer a wood tone to match the roof beams or the floorboards? Choose from different wood decors or opt for a wardrobe with real wood veneer. If you want to be absolutely sure in your choice of decor,pattern decors .

Plenty of space in the bathroom with a jamb cabinet

A bathroom with sloping ceilings is often particularly difficult to set up. You need the existing straight walls for the shower and washbasin. So you often only have the sloping walls to store everything you need in the bathroom dry. This can be remedied by cupboards or chests of drawers with a slope at the back, which fit in there with millimeter precision. Plan your bathroom cabinet or your chest of drawers for towels, cosmetics and care items individually adapted to the space situation in your bathroom.

Bathroom with jamb cabinet

Made-to-measure cabinet in the bathroom

If the jamb in your bathroom is quite high and the slope is relatively sharp, a high bathroom cabinet that doesn’t take up much space in width makes sense. Here you can store everything that should not be lying around openly in the damp, such as a hair dryer or epilator. Half-height jamb cabinets look particularly good if you choose open and closed elements. Cleaning utensils or toilet paper supplies disappear behind the cupboard doors, perfume, cosmetics or towels are quickly to hand on the shelf element. Cabinets with easy-to-clean lacquered or glass fronts are recommended for the bathroom. Mirrored doors are also practical, allowing you to check your hairstyle or outfit in addition to the mirror above the sink.

Tip: You can also choose wooden cabinets for the bathroom. However, it is important that all wooden edges are glued so that no moisture can penetrate. This is always the case with the furniture from

Create structure and space in the living room with your jamb cabinet

In the living area, you can visually enlarge your room with a made-to-measure jamb cabinet and create structure, because the slant disappears behind the straight cabinet. Use a combination of open and closed cabinet elements for TV and music systems, books and decorations. Behind the cupboard doors you have space for crockery, papers or the old photo collection. Glass cupboard doors are also beautiful, behind which you can safely store your favorite items and at the same time showcase them in a special way.

Here, too, you can set accents with a color-coordinated decor and stylish door handles. The yellow jamb cabinet fits perfectly under the window in the sloping roof. With the bright yellow, it becomes the eye-catcher of the room, offers plenty of storage space and a shelf for decoration.

The jamb cabinet – versatile in use, wherever there are sloping ceilings

From these examples you can see that there are hardly any limits to the possible uses of a jamb cabinet. With a jamb cabinet in the kitchen as a pantry, you gain more space for a dining table or work surface. In the children’s room , the jamb cabinet not only offers space for clothes, but also storage space for toys. This leaves more room to romp and order is quickly restored when the small parts simply disappear into drawers or behind cupboard doors.
Of course, you can also configure a jamb cabinet for files for your home office or study. The cupboard must be slightly longer in depth than a standard file folder. Lockable doors can also be planned on request.

The advantages of your custom-made jamb cabinet from

  • The cupboard fits under the angle of inclination of the sloping roof with millimeter precision, so it can be set up directly against the straight wall (jambs) and creates a lot of space and storage space.
  • Due to the wide range of options in equipment and decor, the cabinet can be adapted to almost any room and purpose.
  • High quality and durability of your made-to-measure wardrobe with a 5-year guarantee.

Now all you have to do is get to work and use the online configurator to plan your jamb cabinet in just a few steps according to your wishes and ideas.

Start with the measurement first. You can use our detailed measuring instructions or book our measuring service
for a small additional charge .

If you have any questions, you can also contact our furnishing experts directly , who will be happy to support you in planning and configuring your custom-made jamb cabinet.

The Jamb Cabinet