The Helium Smaller Will Be Soon: 7 Nm and 12 Cores, According to Digitimes

Soon we will look at the evolution of processors and it will seem that the career of the RAM is going too slowly. Mobile in 28 nanometer processors are still manufactured, and this year 10 nanometers chips are not yet in circulation, and MediaTek already planned your future generation. The hand of TSMC, as it could not be otherwise, and 7 NM.
The rhythm imposed by manufacturers of mobile processors is so high that the theoretical limit of silicon, 7 NMS, this year could reach if met plans of MediaTek, who wants to be the first to use this new technology already available. But the information that has come down to us is not there, future chip helium line will have 12 cores.

Possibly Corepilot 5.0

It was in 2013 when MediaTek unveiled its first processor helium, helium X 10, and the first of its catalogue in look the Corepilot configuration which is now in its fourth generation. A way of ordering their nuclei into two or three blocks, having reached 10 nuclei with its X line. The evolution of the big. LITTLE, the passage to the big.medium.LITTLE.
If it is true this information provided by Digitimes about the number of cores in this future chip of the helium line, 12 cores should line up in three clusters of quad-core, and would see if the most powerful would be even Cortex A73 or arrive already wearing the custom cores MediaTek Artemis, evolved from the lithographs of ARM as it is already the case with the Samsung M2 or the Qualcomm Cryo.
The big question now is if this helium of 12 cores will have or not an Artemis cluster
The biggest problem that this plan is in these moments is that 10 nanometer chips are already causing problems in production. Technology is delicate and delays occur. Suffer them with the 835 Snapdragon Qualcomm, suffers them with the Exynos 8895 Samsung and also suffers them MediaTek the helium helium and 30 X 35 X.
If delays continue, manufacture of this new processor 7 nanometers and 12 cores could defer to solve the previous problem. MediaTek already speaks that it would not take much to put hands to work with him, in order to reach the market for the beginning of 2018. We’ll see what such are given but the fact is that 7-nanometer processors already overlook the leg under the door.