The 5 Nexus Becomes a Phone Fully Functional Ubuntu after Joining Voice Calls

A couple of years since a group of developers got Ubuntu Touch work Nexus 5. According to Canonical, the hardware of this device makes very complex inclusion of Ubuntu Touch, as the necessary modifications are very complicated to carry out.
Despite this, the version that got moved to the Nexus 5 running decently While it had some limitations. Specifically, the Nexus 5 with mobile operating system Ubuntu Touch could not make or receive phone calls, something that we have learned today itself already is has solved.
But not only the Nexus 5 with Ubuntu Touch dialing calls, have 2 Fairphone can it adding GPS support an unofficial port to become fully functional terminal with integrated Ubuntu Touch. Marius Gripsgard, one of the developers of Ubports behind the project has given the news in their own Google +.
But perhaps the most remarkable news for the recognition of the terminal is that the Nexus 5 can already now be considered as phones with Ubuntu fully functional. Gripsgard ensures that used it as one device more in your day to day and that you have even connected it via HDMI port thus obtaining a technological convergence device perfect.
The UBports team is also working on a port of Ubuntu for the OnePlus One and ensure they are close to get it since only bugfixes and some improvements in the stability you need before that the Chinese Terminal also to become a fully functional Ubuntu phone.