The 5 Most Important Living Trends for 2022

The living trends of 2022 will be shaped primarily by two influences: the changes in our lifestyle caused by the pandemic, and climate change, which is raising our awareness of sustainability. Working from home and limited opportunities to go out have made the home the center of our lives. It is all the more important to turn our rooms into an oasis of well-being. The top furnishing trends of the year show you how stylish it can be.

1. Multifunctional and modular – Combine work, sport and play in one room

Our lifestyle has changed in the last two years. Relaxing, working in the home office, meeting friends in small groups, fitness: all this takes place in our own rooms, which are increasingly developing into multi-purpose rooms. The kitchen or bedroom doubles as a home office , while the hallway or living room are ideal for a daily workout.

The trend in 2022 is furniture that can be adapted to different requirements and with which you can use the available space optimally and flexibly. With the made-to-measure furniture , this can be done with millimeter precision.

The 5 Most Important Living Trends

Use shelves as room dividers that also offer plenty of storage space. According to your wishes, you can hide kitsch and clutter, valuables and important documents behind cupboard doors or in drawers on your custom-made shelf. It is also available in a lockable version on request. This brings order into the room and you can concentrate on the essentials.

Sliding doors or screens are also practical room dividers, with which you can optimally separate areas of your living room or bedroom for the home office. A height-adjustable desk can be custom-configured in width and depth so that it fits into any niche and takes up little space.

You can also unobtrusively divide the living room, bedroom or kitchen into different areas with chests of drawers or sideboards. They offer storage space inside and storage, decorative or work surfaces at the top. Divide your kitchen into a cooking and dining area with a sideboard, create a fitness area or a work area in the bedroom where you can sew or iron. All the utensils you need can be found in the chest of drawers and are always within reach.

Modular furniture is trending in 2022

Modular furniture that can be flexibly rearranged offers another way of combining different areas of life in one room. These are, for example , shelf cubes that you can attach to the wall in different sizes or stack on the floor in any height or width. Classic are shelves in different sizes, on which you can not only put books, but also set accents with decorative elements.

Fold-out sofa beds are more popular than ever as multifunctional furniture. They are also available as a one-piece set without armrests and in other versions in different colors and decors. You can push the individual modules together to create a large sunbathing area or set them up individually between small side tables. The side tables, which you can create individually in different sizes and materials, can also be put together to form a large living room table.

The advantages of the multifunctional furnishing trend 2022:

  • Space-saving and space-creating
  • Individually changeable according to need and situation
  • Can be flexibly combined

With the furniture you will find a tailor-made, multifunctional and modular solution for every need and every room situation. Customizable shapes and colors bring order and clear lines to your home.

2. Sustainable furniture: let nature move in

Climate change is becoming more and more noticeable and has raised our awareness of a sustainable way of life. This also applies to the living area. Sustainable, high-quality furniture made from natural and environmentally friendly materials is becoming increasingly popular. “Craft instead of mass production” is the motto here. The term “natural luxury” was coined in this sense at the IMM Cologne , the International Furniture and Furnishings Fair in 2021. Quality and simple, high-quality design are the real luxury.

What characterizes a sustainable style of living?

If you want to turn your apartment into a long-lasting, comfortable home with high-quality furniture and at the same time want to make a contribution to climate protection, you should pay attention to the following things when buying and furnishing furniture:

  • Choose furniture made of wood from nearby, organically managed forests
  • Opt for cabinets or shelves made of solid wood, made to measure
  • Use natural materials for decoration such as bamboo, cork, rattan or natural stone
  • Plastic or metal materials should be recyclable
  • Note certifications and seals of approval that guarantee sustainable production and long-lasting use of the furniture and materials
  • Enhance the natural effect with plants of all shapes and sizes
  • Choose warm and light tones for your home

With the made-to-measure furniture you can ideally implement this trend. A cupboard, a shelf or a chest of drawers made of solid wood are unique because their natural grain is authentic and radiates a warm cosiness.

You can choose between furniture made of beech, oak or core beech. The wooden panel is either connected lengthwise by wedge-shaped teeth and glued interlocking or consists of solid wood slats that are continuous in length.

If you don’t want it to be solid wood furniture, you can also equip your choice of made-to-measure furniture with furniture fronts made of solid wood or real wood veneers. This enhances your chest of drawers or your closet and gives it a solid wood look. The furnishing experts recommend combining solid wood with a plain decor . Here you have several light and darker shades available.

As a producer and recycler of raw materials such as wood, we are aware of the obligation for sustainable management. Our production is operated with green electricity and any wood chips are stored and used for heating in order to save on heating oil or gas. Our wood comes from sustainable forestry and is partly recycled from waste wood. Our furniture is designed to be particularly durable and many of the materials used come from Germany. We do a lot to ensure a good CO2 balance, keep transport routes as short as possible and use packaging made from recycled cardboard.

Bring nature into your home and configure your sustainable wooden furniture now.

3. Japandi style: Japanese purism meets Nordic simplicity

focus on the essentials

In the Japandi style, the Japanese style of living, reduced to the essentials, is combined with the simple, light design classics of the Scandinavian north. The common denominator of both styles is minimalism. Less is more. Functional Scandinavian furniture made of light wood such as birch, maple or beech meets filigree, simple Japanese-style furniture made of dark wood such as walnut, ebony or rosewood. This creates idiosyncratic contrasts.

Free spaces are expressly desired in the Japandi style. Selected accessories made of natural materials such as rattan or bamboo are used in a targeted and economical manner. This is how every piece of furniture and every accessory comes into its own. Lamps made of wood or paper are another style element.

This characterizes the Japandi style:
  • High-quality materials
  • Timeless elegance
  • Few selected accents and decors
  • Lots of space and light
  • The contrast of light and dark wooden furniture

If you want to furnish your apartment in the trendy Japandi style, it is advisable to take the classic Scandi style as a basis. The Scandi style is characterized by bright, friendly colors, lots of light and a timeless simplicity. With natural materials made of wood in combination with textiles, well-chosen furniture that has been carefully placed and straight lines, you can bring Nordic cosiness into your home. You can add accents with Japanese style elements. To do this, place a display case at a selected location, for examplemade of dark wood and decorate it with a clay vase and a single sprig of flowers. Solid wood furniture is ideal for the Japandi style. For example, plan a shelf made of solid wood, which you sparingly equip with selected decorative elements. Take a look at our diverse wood decors and solid wood fronts .

4. The trend colors of 2022 – and how to implement them at home

“Very Peri” is the Pantone color of the year

The Pantone Color Institute has been choosing the color of the year for over 20 years . “Very Peri” is the name of the mixture of blue, red and violet that Pantone has completely redeveloped. For the first time, Pantone created the color of the year specifically to reflect the social mood of the last few months. This year it stands for “global innovation and the change” that is taking place. Very Peri “shows us a vibrant and joyful view of the world and dynamic presence that inspires bold creativity and imaginative expression,” according to Pantone’s website. So there is reason for optimism and happiness, even if the deep, heavy blue tone still predominates.

“Very Peri” fits perfectly with the creative and colorful boho style with the mixture of deep blue and warm red tones that form a rich purple tone with a touch of lilac. If you want to bring happiness and optimism into your home, inspired by “Very Peri”, you will find some color variations under the lacquer fronts from with which you can pick up the trend. This is how you express the basic feeling, but always retain your individuality.

Very Peri Pantone 17-3938

Blue purple RAL 4005

Red lilac RAL 4001

Signal violet RAL 400ß

Traffic purple RAL 4006

Boho style with a touch of trend color “Very Peri”

The bohemian style is a mix of different elements and colors. Earthy tones are combined with colorful and cheerful nuances such as blue purple or telemagenta. Influences from foreign cultures, colorful fabrics with ethnic patterns, a lot of decoration, natural materials such as wood and rattan, but also vintage elements characterize the lively style, in which you can perfectly realize the color trend 2022. Maybe you like to combine your ‘Very Peri’ inspired shade with yellow? This makes the colors shine even more.

The color yellow will remain a trend in 2022

The cheerful yellow “Illuminating” was together with the gray “Ultimate Grey” in 2021 Pantone trend color of the year . In 2022, yellow will remain a trend color for us. The trendy shade of yellow is just a bit more muted and less radiant this year. Almost as if the cheerful yellow had mixed with the gray to create a soft yellow tone that stands for naturalness, calm and warmth. Sulfur yellow or cream are the lacquer colors with which you can realize the fronts of your made-to-measure furniture in this trendy shade.

Cappuccino – comeback of a star among the natural tones in the living area

The shade of cappuccino was fashionable in the 1980s and is back now. It varies from light beige to dark brown and conveys warmth and comfort. Chests of drawers or sideboards in this unobtrusive natural tone look good and can be perfectly combined with cream or other natural colors. Choose beige brown, clay brown, fawn brown or pale brown from the paint colors for your cabinet fronts to implement the trend. The warm tone goes well with Scandi or Japandi style, both of which invite you to relax with simple but cozy elegance while the scent of a delicious cappuccino fills your nose.

5. The kitchen as a meeting place in everyday life

Kitchen trends 2022

Even in 2022, the kitchen is not only the place where food is prepared, but also a space for communication, where you meet friends and family, but which can also serve as a workplace in times of home office. As a room to feel good, the focus is no longer on stylish furnishings, because the kitchen should first and foremost be functional and comfortable, i.e. appeal to the senses.

This goes well with kitchens made of wood with grained wood fronts combined with concrete or marble. The smart home trend is currently being used in the kitchen and is making cooking and food storage easier with networked kitchen appliances, refrigerators and ovens.

A sufficiently large dining table should not be missing for entertainment and extensive meals in company. Built to measure, sized to fit the space available in your kitchen, with a tabletop in sustainable wood decor, it may well serve as the focal point of daily gatherings for future generations. When configuring your kitchen table , the furnishing experts recommend paying attention to the optimal table height. This depends on the average size of the people who use it. Take a look at our article on the optimal table height .

Cleverly placed lighting, whether atmospheric or bright enough for cooking, reading or working, combined with soft tones, makes the kitchen a place where you feel good. Here you are well advised with custom-made kitchen cabinets, which offer integrated dimmable LED lights.

Open-plan kitchens are still popular, but in times of the home office, they are increasingly being used as a place to work. To create peace there, you can use custom-made filing cabinets or shelves as room dividers or flexibly separate individual areas with sliding doors. Let yourself be inspired by our detailed article on kitchen equipment .

A pantry gives a sense of security

As a result of the Corona crisis, the desire for a pantry is back in fashion. According to a recent study, a pantry conveys a sense of security. With a well-stocked pantry, you are prepared for all eventualities, explains Oona Horx-Strathern from the Zukunftsinstitut , one of Germany’s leading living experts.


The changes of the last two years have also had a lasting effect on how we live. Flexibility in furnishing, sustainability and quality count. Furniture is trendy that ages with us and loses none of its modernity.

Contact our furnishing experts, who will be happy to help you plan your custom-made furniture. Let us advise you and, if you wish, configure your trend furniture 2022 together with your contact person via screen transmission!