Study in Hawaii Pacific University (8)

Since I was able to spend an indescribably wonderful time in Hawaii, I would like to encourage everyone to take advantage of this opportunity with a little experience report!
My decision to go to Hawaii was made quite late and so I had contact with Collegecontact for the first time in mid-May.
In retrospect, the time until departure was very, very stressful, which is why I recommend everyone to plan a little more time for the preparations.
All the forms at your own university, the visa and the documents for the HPU, which take a little longer to be sent by post, take a lot of time.
As for the appointment at the embassy, ​​I also had a bit of nervousness at first, which was waiting for me, but it’s really really relaxed and after about an hour of waiting and two questions, it was all over.
You should only really check several times that you have all the documents with you, otherwise it gets annoying. You should also make the appointment in good time, otherwise it will be very tight at the back like me. My visa only came a few days before departure.
Speaking of flights, I can highly recommend the student tariffs, the one-time free rebooking helped me a lot. Such a tariff makes sense, especially if you are not sure how long you want to stay after university.
When I arrived in Honolulu, I took a taxi to the Beachside Hostel because I read a lot of positive reviews about it.
However, I found the hostel not really pleasant and was happy to have found an apartment right after the first night. What you have to emphasize positively, however, is that you can quickly make friends in the hostel and find many people with the same problems regarding the living situation. Read more student reviews on maternityetchic.

Finding an apartment in Waikiki is not particularly easy as the prices are really steep.
The easiest way to search is via Craigslist and recommendations from other students who also stayed at the hostel to look for an apartment.
Once you’ve settled in and the university slowly starts, you quickly get to know a lot of nice people, especially Tuesday at Moose’s, where half of the university always meets in the evenings.
My courses at HPU were: Introduction into Psychology, Human Resource Management, International Marketing and Consumer Behavior, all of which I can recommend without hesitation. You do need something to “listen in” but I only had very nice teachers. The personal support cannot be compared with that at my university, as the courses in Hawaii only consist of a few people. There really is more than enough time for other things, as the courses are nowhere near the German Bachelor level.
Some of the courses are offered as online courses, which is not a bad alternative, as otherwise attendance is usually required. If you choose your courses skillfully, you can enjoy the weekend for a full 5 days.

During the semester or afterwards you will definitely want to see the other islands, which I can only recommend, Kauai and Big Island in particular are incredibly exciting, the other islands also have their flair, I would only advise against Lanai, as you really have a lot there Money is going on and it’s not so worth it.
It is worth buying a travel guide or looking on the internet to see what you would like to see, as there is so much to discover on every island.
The flights from island to island are not too expensive, depending on which time you choose, at $ 69 per flight.
A few more general things:

  • Experience has shown that student housing is not that positive, some of my fellow students had big problems there, which is why I advise against it.
  • The State ID brings you big discounts on many things, as well as all the customer cards at Foodland, Safeway, etc.
  • The bus system also runs according to Hawaiian times, so don’t worry if the bus is a long time coming.
  • Clothes are super cheap in the outlet, so don’t take too much with you, but watch out for the customs border or send it home by post beforehand.
  • Book a rental car at, as it is much cheaper than booking directly in Hawaii.
  • On the other islands, the lowest hotel categories are not much more expensive than the hostels and include breakfast.
  • You can buy cheaper at the market in Chinatown and sometimes also at Don Quixote.

In the end I can only say: definitely do it and enjoy every day! It’s totally worth it !!

Study in Hawaii Pacific University 8