Study in Hawaii Pacific University (7)


I will always have fond memories of my time in Hawai’i.
Hawai’i is a place where almost everyone feels very comfortable after a short period of acclimatization. The island is beautiful, the landscape is indescribable, the people are very friendly, the fun factor is great (surfing, beach, clubbing, shopping mall, sky diving, island tours), so in addition to studying at least 3 To go on vacation for weeks to see some of the island.

This is definitely necessary because the university takes up a lot of time. Although the course content is not as complex as in Germany, a lot of commitment is expected from the students, because the professors are just as committed. Regular attendance and doing homework and term papers take a few hours a day if you want to perform very well. If you invest this effort, very good results are almost guaranteed. Of course, the beach and the aloha holiday feeling tempt you to laze around on the one hand, but on the other hand any work feels a bit like pleasure, because the atmosphere is so great (homework on the beach etc.).
What I really appreciate at the university is the friendliness, openness, dedication and availability of coarse employees who are really happy to help, even if the waiting time in the offices can be long at the beginning of each semester. The professors at Hawai’i Pacific University are very committed, friendly, almost always in a good mood, helpful and fair. I recommend that you check the professors’ online rating before choosing a course, this is almost always the case.

What I missed a little about the HPU was the typical college sports atmosphere. In addition, it is sometimes a bit stressful to commute between the two campuses. In addition, a lot of international students study at the HPU, especially Germans and Swedes, which induces some students to stay among themselves and that is not the point of a semester abroad.

As for the cost of living in Hawai’i, I regret to say that it is relatively high. The way the dollar is at the moment, it works, but you should calculate well in this regard. In my experience, the average rent for a room is around $ 600, and food costs around $ 10 a day. Read more student reviews on Iamaccepted.

In addition, the bus ticket, which costs around 100 dollars, but which is valid anywhere on the island and for the entire semester, must be included in the calculation.
The bus system in Hawai’i is pretty well developed by American standards, but not always very reliable.

Finally, one last tip: do not have the naive expectation that Hawai’i is paradise. Again, there are ugly places (e.g. some downtown Honolulu neighborhoods) and other problems. If you are realistic, however, you can find paradisiacal places and have unforgettable experiences, especially if you drive to the Winward side and the North Shore of the island. So don’t get stuck in Waikiki or you’ll miss out on the island’s true charm.
I would study at Hawai’i Pacific University again anytime.
I am proud to have studied there and still feel a part of it.
I also love Hawai’i a lot now and already consider it my second home. I will miss my time here.
Have fun everyone who has this experience ahead of them.


Hawaii- what should I capitalize- the name speaks for itself. And so the reactions from friends and acquaintances were more in the area of ​​”aha – a semester abroad… or rather vacation”. But of course I was convinced by the unbelievable water sports possibilities that I also started serious studies.
And as it quickly became apparent at the university, working in small class groups was very pleasant and thanks to a good relationship with the lecturers, many problems with case study processing and presentations can be solved in a much more unconventional way than one is familiar with at home. The courses in accounting and finance are particularly recommended because of the good lecturers and the demands of the faculty. Life at the HPU is simply multi-cultural, the impressions couldn’t be more mixed. Due to its location in the middle of the Pacific, Hawaii has a very strong Asian influence, which is also evident at the university. So it always happens that interesting discussions are held with students from completely different cultural backgrounds.
Life in Honolulu is of course strongly influenced by tourism, but also by its position as a large city and business center of the Pacific region. That makes the cost of living very expensive at first glance – not to say, when I went shopping for the first time, I was shocked!
After an intensive check of the housing market, you can find lucky grips here too – and investing in a shopping card at a large discount store such as Costco or Sam’s Club paired with a good portion of shopping know-how is always worthwhile and leaves the world much more positive look. A word about shopping from Merchendise – paradise is waiting for the passionate shopper: low prices and a good dollar exchange rate make your eyes shine…
In my opinion, the greatest things are the water sports… it’s hard to believe, but the water is actually always over 25 degrees and there are always waves somewhere and if you are lucky (and enjoy windsurfing) you can even have great windsurfing days in autumn take along. All in all a great experience and the best combination of world class surf spots and interesting studies I can think of! I can only recommend it to everyone – go for it!

Study in Hawaii Pacific University 7