Study in Hawaii Pacific University (3)


The semester abroad in Hawaii was just a dream and that was not only due to the sun, sea and palm trees, no above all to the people in the suburbs, because Hawaii has so much more to offer than you think at first glance, but everything from scratch. In January 2011 I decided to spend a semester abroad in Hawaii. I started my preparations at the end of February in order to have enough time to collect all the documents. It turned out that this long lead time was very useful, because especially if you plan to apply for student loans, it is a very time-consuming and sometimes nerve-consuming thing. The registration at the HPU, however, worked without any problems thanks to Collage Contact. You will receive a checklist from MicroEDU which shows which documents you should have submitted by when and where.
The only thing that bothered me was the choice of courses, as the range is very large and it was difficult to find a suitable course.
All in all, the entire organization was very simple and inexpensive if you allow enough time.


The HPU is a modern and very well-equipped private university. In terms of workload and degree of difficulty, the courses are classified into the medium to easy category anyway. My own experience and that of others, however, was that online courses were more time-consuming and labor-intensive than the regular courses. At the HPU, teamwork and presentations are generally very important. One cultivates very personal interaction with one another, different from what one might know from Germany. The professors were always there for you when you needed help. The class size never exceeded more than 30 students, at least in the courses I took. It is debatable whether or not tuition fees of more than $ 8,000 per semester are justified, but this seems to be the rule in the USA,
The HPU is a really good university at which there is not much to complain about, except for the fact that in addition to the tuition fees there are additional fees for every little thing. B. 30 dollars are due if you want to change a course, etc.


In addition to university, of course, you shouldn’t neglect your free time, especially when you’re in Hawaii. In addition to surfing, shopping, lying on the beach, playing volleyball, kayaking, snorkling, diving, fishing and hiking, you can and should also visit the other islands once to z. B. Lawa, whales and much more to see. Most leisure activities are free and with the Hawaii Card, which every student can apply for for a small fee, you can also have paid offers at affordable prices.┬áRead more student reviews on Anycountyprivateschools.

I made the experience that the bus system on Oahu worked quite well and the semester card is also very cheap at 130 dollars. However, it is quite time-consuming when traveling outside of Honolulu.

My girlfriend and I lived in Manoa which is a small part of Honolulu. It is a very quiet and beautiful area surrounded by mountains. So if you don’t want to have noise and action all the time, or if you are thinking of studying with your boyfriend in Hawaii, then Manoa Valley is your perfect place.
We always had to take the bus to get to the university for about 30 minutes, but at rush hour you need almost as long from the campus to Waikiki.

Cost of living:

The cost of living and, above all, housing costs far exceed the German level. My experience was that you can’t find anything under 600 dollars and even for 600 dollars what you get is not the real thing, but that shouldn’t put you off, because life is more happening in front of the door anyway. Apartments can be found relatively easily via Craigslist, but you should definitely look at an apartment first before signing a contract or the like, as there are also a few fraudsters who take advantage of people’s good faith.
Fruit and vegetables can be bought quite cheaply in Chinatown; other foods such as dairy products are generally very expensive no matter where you buy them.


I can only recommend it to everyone who is thinking of studying in Hawaii, even if it is a little more expensive than elsewhere, it is worth each penny !!!!
Hawaii is an absolute dream and my girlfriend and I really enjoyed every minute of it.

Study in Hawaii Pacific University 3