Study Abroad in Hawaii Pacific University

First of all, thank you very much for MicroEDU, who always helped me and made this experience possible for me.

First of all, I had to decide how long I would fly. Since I didn’t know exactly when I wanted to return, I only booked a one-way ticket – which was absolutely the right decision as I still spent my last days on the West Coast before going home. Many people flew home before Christmas (shortly after they finished their studies). I recommend you – stay as long as you can. Unfortunately Hawaii is not the cheapest place in the world, but if you have the financial means, you should get the most out of it.

I booked the Beachside Hostel for the first week. The hostel is not the cleanest, but you get to know a lot of people (which is especially good if you travel there alone). Only after getting to know the people did I look for an apartment. My tip for you (possibly a matter of taste) is not necessarily looking for an apartment in the middle of Waikiki. It’s cool for the first 2 weeks – but Waikiki is very, very loud and way too expensive. If you are looking for an apartment on the outskirts of Waikiki (Ala Maona, McCully), the way to the university and Waikiki is not far.

Another tip for you is to buy a surfboard as soon as possible. You definitely don’t make a mistake buying a used surfboard, as you can usually sell it again for almost the same price. In addition, the effort to go surfing is much smaller if you already have a surfboard.

I have already read information about the university in many field reports that reflect this exactly. You don’t learn a lot at the HPU , but it’s still a lot of work. Most of the time you have to read one or two chapters in the book and answer questions or write essays about it. If you are not really going to learn anything from the outset with the attitude – you should take an online course, as you do not have to go to the university for a face-to-face appointment. But I don’t want to say that all the courses at HPU are bad – for example, I have an investment or finance courseĀ on the HPU, the content of which included the stock market and investment behavior in America. This information is not brought to us in Germany, for example, and was therefore very interesting. But I don’t want to spoil your mood in Hawaii with this paragraph – on the contrary – it was the time of my life and I have no regrets. You shouldn’t hesitate to go there for a second. It is a place on earth that 95% of your acquaintances and friends will probably never see in their life – and you get the opportunity to live there – it is madness.

Another tip is of course to visit the other islands – the main focus here are the three well-known islands of Kauai, Maui and Big Island. Each island is unique in a way. While I could see liquid lava flowing three feet from me on the Big Island, I was able to admire pristine nature on Kauai that I have never seen before. Maui is – as you don’t hear it any other way – simply a paradise.

If you have the change, buy a car as soon as possible. The car doesn’t have to be too expensive (around $ 2000- $ 4000), but it will make your stay on the island much easier. The public transport to the west, east and north coast is unfortunately not that good. So it can happen that you need almost 2 hours for a trip that takes 30 minutes by car. Above all, a car is necessary for advanced surfers, as in “winter” the waves in the south are very small. Here you are more flexible and can drive to other spots in the north or in the west. Again, you can usually sell the car again for the same price. Think of it as some kind of investment.

Adventurers don’t miss out on Hawaii. There are lots of cool hikes with beautiful views, cliff jumps and much more. I recommend EVERYONE to do a skydive in Hawaii. Not only is it a great place to do it, it’s also very cheap ($ 125).

All in all, I spent one of the best times of my life in Hawaii – if not the best. You see a lot of things that are unimaginably beautiful. I recommend everyone to go there. With MicroEDU you also have an organization that gives you very competent advice and always helps.

Hawaii Pacific University