Stairlift: Mobile in Your Own Home

A stair lift opens up floors that the occupants of a house can no longer reach on their own. For people with walking disabilities or age-related restrictions, a stairlift can be the decisive factor that makes it possible to continue living in the home you have chosen. However, the high cost of a stairlift is often a deterrent – however, there are several financing options, which we will present to you here. To see wonderful table decoration, please check bestcraftblog.

A stairlift has these advantages

If it is already foreseeable that a staircase could become an obstacle due to old age or a disability, it naturally makes sense to build barrier-free right from the start . However, restricted mobility can also occur suddenly as a result of an accident or illness. Older people have also often lived in the same house for decades and are only now confronted with difficulties climbing stairs.

The biggest advantage that a stairlift brings is that people can continue to live independently in their homes. Often the only alternative is to move to a smaller apartment or even a nursing home. Psychologically, however, the aspect of self-determination is extremely important: a stair lift restores mobility and self-confidence – values ​​that can also contribute to physical well-being beyond the mental level.

The risk of falling is also significantly reduced with the help of a stair lift. This also relieves relatives, who then have to worry less about those affected.


What is the cost of a stairlift?

Stairlift prices start in the low four digits and can range up to around €20,000 depending on the type of stairlift. The costs depend on the following factors:

  • Type of stairlift: Ordinary seated stairlifts are the cheapest models. If the stair lift is to be able to transport a wheelchair, a platform or lift is required, which is significantly more expensive.
  • Condition of the lift: new stairlifts are more expensive than used models.
  • Condition of the stairs: Stair lifts can be easily attached to straight stairs. The cost of installing a stairlift on a curved or space-saving staircase is higher.
  • Load-bearing capacity of the walls: If these have to be reinforced first, higher costs are incurred.
  • Desired functions and quality: Brands usually have their price – also with stair lifts.

A simple stairlift for a straight staircase can be purchased for around €3,000. The cost of a stair lift usually includes the seat, the drive, any safety belts, the rails and a remote control. Installation costs may be additional.

Does health insurance pay for a stairlift?

Persons in need of care are entitled to a subsidy for “measures to improve the living environment”. However, the prerequisite is that the need for care has actually been recognized by the care insurance fund, i.e. that the person has received a corresponding degree of care. The grant can be up to €4,000. Strictly speaking, it is not the health insurance company that subsidizes the stair lift, but the nursing care insurance company – however, this is affiliated with the health insurance company and can therefore be reached at the same address.

There are other ways to get a partial reimbursement of the cost of a stairlift. For example, the KfW development bank offers the “age-appropriate conversion” subsidy and subsidizes such a conversion with 10% up to an amount of €5,000. Cheap loans are also available.

If the restricted movement that makes the installation of the stairlift necessary was caused by an accident, your own accident insurance or the liability insurance of the other party involved in the accident may also cover the costs.

Tip: It makes sense to equip the apartment with made-to-measure furniture, especially if you have restricted mobility. Shelves , sideboards or cupboards can be adjusted to the reach of those affected so that they can take care of themselves in their home without help if possible.