Space-saving Stairs for Every Apartment

Do you want to expand your attic, modernize your duplex apartment or have a multi-storey house furnished? Sooner or later it is also a matter of choosing the right staircase. Space-saving stairs in particular are very popular because they give you more space to furnish your home according to your ideas. There are other ways to make the best use of the stairs. Get inspired! To see paintable wallpapers, please check listofledlights.

Save space with stairs – this is how it works

Basically, you have two options for making your stairs as space-saving as possible: You can either opt for a so-called “space-saving staircase” from the outset, or you can choose an ordinary staircase and use the space underneath.

The special features of space-saving stairs

Space-saving stairs are becoming increasingly popular. They serve as an elegant solution especially for smaller rooms. Thanks to their construction, there is more living space for your individual design. In addition, space-saving stairs are often cheaper than classic models, but they are also narrower and steeper. Stairs look particularly elegant if the steps are wider on one side than on the other. If you go up or down the stairs, you should be a little more attentive and careful, because the tread surface is narrower on one side and you can easily slip. If there are small children in your household, it is advisable to choose a staircase with consistently wide steps.

Space-saving stairs are particularly popular as a connection between the sleeping and living areas. A spiral staircase that stands freely in the room and connects both floors is a real eye-catcher. There is also a large selection of stairs for outdoor use that can be used to save space. An elegant spiral staircase made of galvanized metal, for example, not only looks classy, ​​but also withstands the weather.

Space-saving Stairs for Every Apartment

Save space thanks to storage space under stairs

Even with an “ordinary” staircase you can save space by making full use of the area underneath – for example as storage space or even as a relaxation or work area.

You will be amazed at how flexible storage space can be designed under a staircase. A stair cupboard , for example, creates order and above all space, which can be adjusted to the millimeter. Stair shelves – open or closed – also make the space under your stairs usable. By the way: Even space-saving stairs can be equipped with storage space in which you can store books or shoes, for example. In our blog you will find more tips on how to use the storage space under stairs sensibly and well .

If you would like to create another living area under the stairs instead, the only limits are your own creativity. How about a minimalist workspace, where the desk and shelves are custom-made to fit perfectly into the space? You can also use a curtain or room divider to create a small retreat where you can meditate or read in a comfortable chair .

The right material for space-saving stairs

There are also space-saving stairs for attics that are particularly steep or have narrow steps. These can be permanently installed or movable – depending on how often you want to enter the attic. Typical space-saving variants are stairs that can be “folded”. They are usually anchored in the attic hatch and can be pulled down using a rod if necessary.

Save space with stairs – this is how it works

The materials from which space-saving stairs or furniture that creates storage space are made are as varied as the models themselves. The most important thing is that the material matches your furnishing style. Stairs in dark metal, for example, look good in the Bauhaus style or in industrial chic , while a wooden staircase painted blue or white goes well with the country house style .

Basically, it can be said that wood is more suitable for a cozy, homely atmosphere, while bright colors look young and lively. Metal and glass elements are more suitable for noble, modern facilities. Whatever you decide, a space-saving staircase can make a significant contribution to your room concept.

Space-saving Stairs for Every Apartment