Some Users of The Galaxy Nexus Experiencing Loss of Signal in Its Update to Android 4.0.4

Apparently not everything is good news when it comes to updates. And but that look at the Google Nexus, which is already the second time that has problems. Last time it was the update to Android 4.0.1 by problems with battery on the Nexus S, and now the Galaxy Nexus experiencing problems in the signal with the update to Android 4.0.4.
And is that a reader, as we reported the Galaxy Nexus is suffering loss of signal in some terminals with the new update to Android 4.0.4 when the phone is in standby. This would be serious since blocked Terminal is they could not receive calls, that would leave unused phone.
As discussed, the error is solvable using root access, raising the minimum frequency of 350 MHz to 700 MHz, which in turn would increase the consumption of the terminal. This is why when there are processes in the background, as a notification or similar, signal loss ceases until the activity ends.
So far, more than 40 users have reported this error Android Google code, so if you have not upgraded this version would be advisable that you had it in mind. If you have experienced this error, or you just realize, you can mark it on the following page to give priority to its resolution.