Solid Wood Furniture

Bring nature into your home with solid wood furniture. Solid wood furniture is unmistakable and stable and unique with character and creates a cozy atmosphere. They are timeless and will stay with you for a lifetime. You can find out everything you need to know about solid wood furniture in this article.

What distinguishes solid wood furniture?

Solid wood furniture creates a warm and comfortable atmosphere. In addition, solid wood is breathable and improves the indoor climate by absorbing pollutants from the air and regulating humidity. Since wood does not generate static electricity, solid wood furniture attracts less dust. As a natural product, solid wood has visual characteristics such as grain, color, structure or ramifications that give it an individual beauty and make the solid wood furniture a real eye-catcher.

In the narrower sense, according to DIN standard 68871, solid wood furniture can only be described as such if it is made entirely of one type of wood, with the exception of the rear wall and drawer bottoms.

Solid Wood Furniture

Combine solid wood furniture with other decors

Furniture that is mostly made of solid wood, but combined with other decors or real glass and mirrors, has the positive properties of classic solid wood furniture and also offers a variety of design options and a very modern look.

You can plan made-to-measure solid wood furniture online. You are free to configure a made-to-measure piece of furniture made entirely of solid wood or to combine solid wood with other decors. The following solid oak shelving unit has internal doors and drawers in gloss white with push-to-open technology. In one way or another you combine functional technology, modern design and the long-lasting quality and stability of our solid wood furniture made to measure in your personal unique piece.

Solid oak shelving unit with continuous slats and glossy white doors.

Furniture with real wood veneer

This is to be distinguished from furniture with real wood veneer. Solid wood is glued thinly to MDF or chipboard panels. This conveys the warm and cozy atmosphere of solid wood furniture, but without the special advantages of the originals, such as durability, the air-purifying effect and the all-round real grain. However, furniture with solid wood veneer is underestimated as long as it is not advertised as solid wood furniture. A solid wood veneer is of higher quality than a wood decor and the quality of the furniture depends on the manufacturer and the processing.

Showcase with oak veneer frame front

What are the preferred types of wood for solid wood furniture?

The types of wood for solid wood furniture found in Europe are oak, beech, pine, spruce, birch, maple, ash, alder, cherry and walnut.

Oak chest of drawers

Oak is a very robust and hard wood that is easy to work with. It belongs to the woods with a brownish color palette. The heartwood of the oak is gray-yellow to yellow-brown. While oak used to be known for dark, heavy and rustic furniture, today it is left in its natural color and looks fresh, modern and light.

Oak wood is referred to as wild oak, which has a lively grain and many knotholes , which ensure a special and primitive appearance. These unique features are created by the location of the oak trees. They stand in rather shady places, for example at the edge of the forest, and have thus developed this special appearance. Wild oak is very primitive and goes in the rustic direction.

Beech is also a hardwood and is one of the very popular and commonly used types of wood for solid wood furniture. In Europe one finds only the copper beech, whose wood has a light and very soft red tone and can even turn yellow. If the wood is treated, i.e. steamed, a deeper shade of red is created. The wood of the beech heartwood comes from older red beech trees, in which darker heartwood-like discolorations and a stronger grain have formed. The wood appears livelier than the wood of younger beech trees, but should not be confused with heartwood of higher quality.

Pines are very common in Europe, grow quickly and are very easy to work with. Pine wood is rather soft, but still has good strength and elasticity after drying. A natural grain with many knots is typical for the wood. The color varies from yellowish-white to yellowish-red in the core to a darkened red-brown. Pine wood is characteristic of the Scandinavian style of furnishing .

These three types of wood are very popular for solid wood furniture. All other woods have their own special features and advantages and can also be processed into naturally beautiful solid wood unique pieces. You can find more information about the types of wood and their special properties here: The most important types of wood for furniture construction

The tree wood is debarked, cut and dried. It is then cut into shorter solid wood bars for further processing for the furniture industry, or long pieces of wood are separated into continuous slats. These solid wood parts are then firmly glued.

The difference between continuous slat and finger-jointed plate.

In the case of a finger-jointed panel , the individual solid wood bars are connected lengthwise with wedge-shaped teeth that are glued together. This allows several shorter solid wood bars to be connected to form one long slat. These slats are glued next to each other to form an extremely stable solid wood panel. A very high proportion of the tree trunk can be used to produce this board and only a small amount of wood waste is produced during production. This makes this plate cheaper than the continuous version.

Continuous slats consist of solid wood slats that are continuous in length, i.e. not created by gluing several pieces of wood together. This leads to an even, calm look. Only small parts of a tree trunk can be used to produce this panel. The wood waste is significantly larger, even if it can still be used for other purposes. This makes this panel more expensive than the finger-jointed variant.

Furnishing tips for solid wood furniture

What both types of processing have in common is that they are made entirely of one type of wood, from which high-quality furniture is created, which regulates the humidity in the room, smells pleasant and looks very beautiful. Solid wood furniture appeals to all the senses and creates a feel-good atmosphere.

A chest of drawers, a cupboard or a shelf made of solid wood is a real eye-catcher and should be positioned in your room where its beauty really comes into its own. If you decide to have several pieces of solid wood furniture in a room, you should make sure that they match in color.

Solid wood furniture for your living room

A harmonious overall picture is crucial for the natural look. The furniture should leave enough room for movement. It is ideal to combine solid wood furniture with other natural elements such as leather. The country house style combines furniture made of wood with natural materials such as stone or ceramics and fabrics made of cotton or linen to create a rustic and cozy ambience.

The contrast of solid wood furniture with industrial materials such as metal also has a special appeal and creates a loft atmosphere with industrial chic . In addition to the warm look and stability, a solid wood shelf is particularly suitable for storing a large number of books or heavier objects.

Bookshelf in the living room

Next to the living room, the bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. It’s the place where you can relax and recharge to be ready for the next day. A chest of drawers or a cupboard made of solid wood offer the ideal ambience for relaxing and, if desired, accompany you for a lifetime.

Solid wood furniture

You can configure your personal solid wood furniture made to measure, according to your taste and your room situation. You can also combine your solid wood furniture with other elements such as real glass or other decors and colors. So you get an individual, stable and high-quality unique piece.

You can choose between the types of wood beech and beech heartwood as well as oak and wild oak, each finger-jointed or with continuous slats. In this way, you can adapt your solid wood furniture to your interior in terms of color and style.

Our solid wood furniture is oiled by hand with quality organic oil before delivery. You only need to clean your solid wood furniture regularly with a soft cloth to remove dust. It is recommended to treat the furniture again with wood oil after a few years.

Solid Wood Furniture