Sleep in a box spring bed

In the ZDF program “Volle Kanne” on March 27, 2014, sleep expert Markus Kamps took a close look at the new sleep trend “box spring beds”. As a sleep advisor and expert in sleep systems, Markus Kamps is very familiar with box spring systems. We fully agree with his arguments on many issues, but we have a different point of view on some issues due to our sales experience.

The construction of a box spring bed

Markus Kamps describes the structure of a box spring bed with a wooden box below with pocket spring core and an overhead mattress, also with pocket spring core, into which – according to the American system – a “fluffy pad” is integrated or on which – according to the Scandinavian principle – a topper rests .

We only sell box spring beds with a topper on top, as our experience has shown that this system has clear advantages. With the separate topper, the customer can choose between different materials such as cold foam, visco foam or latex. In this way, he can adjust the box spring bed even more precisely to his desired lying comfort. With an overlay integrated into the mattress, the customer is bound and has no possibility of individual adjustment. A separate topper, which is the direct contact area with the sleeper, can also be replaced if necessary – be it for reasons of lying quality or hygiene.

Even with the basic box spring structure, we strive to always find the best individual solution for the customer. Our box spring beds are not necessarily equipped with a pocket spring box. Depending on body weight and lying position, a box with a Bonell spring core may also be the right choice, as it brings significant price savings and can still offer good lying comfort. Corresponding recommendations for equipping your box spring bed according to body weight and lying position can be found for all box spring beds in our online shop.

Washable covers

Box spring beds are available in many different designs and colors. Removable covers for the box and mattress are not absolutely necessary. They make the bed disproportionately expensive and of little use. In addition, the box and mattress covers are often very difficult to open again. Easy-care fabrics that can be vacuumed and cleaned with a damp cloth if necessary are sufficient.

Much more important to us is a removable and washable topper cover, as this – apart from the fitted sheet – comes into direct contact with the sleeper. If it is still important to be able to clean all the covers of the box spring bed, you should opt for a box spring bed with a washable, smooth leather cover.

The price range

Box spring beds are offered in various price ranges from € 300, with no upper limits. It is correct that the price can definitely have an impact on the quality of workmanship and / or the comfort of lying. However, not all cheap box spring beds can be lumped together. Here it is important that you are well informed in advance and know exactly what to look for when buying. Production costs can also be kept low, for example, by producing a very good box spring bed in just one size and equipment variant. You can find important information on this and a checklist for a sensible box spring offer here:

The rehearsal

In his interview, Markus Kamps particularly emphasizes the importance of trying it out before buying a box spring bed. He recommends testing each lying position for at least 15 minutes.

It is correct that you should try a box spring bed. In the ward building, however, it is hardly possible to test every sleeping position for 15 minutes on every bed – here you would get around 45 minutes per bed. Instead, we recommend testing the bed of your choice for a whole night. How it works? We have equipped a hotel with box spring beds from our shop. So you can combine a short vacation with trying out your favorite box spring and form a well-founded opinion about the feeling of lying down.

But even if you do not want to take advantage of this offer, with the 30-day return policy you have the opportunity to test the bed at home and return it if you do not like it – the collection is at our expense. Buying on the Internet does not have to be based solely on the look of the bed.

In the run-up to the box spring purchase, you can also make an appointment with our box spring consultant and the beds will be in our test showroom. Our expert advisor can then immediately assess whether you are optimally sinking into the mattress and whether your spine is straight. In our experience, simply paying attention to the body type, as mentioned in the ZDF television report, is not a solution.

A box spring bed for two people

The suitability of a box spring bed for couples cannot necessarily be determined by the fact that two different mattresses or degrees of hardness can be selected. Depending on the system, lighter people can also lie on a mattress with a higher degree of firmness just as well as heavier people.

The reason for this lies in the special structure of a box spring system: At the bottom there is a supporting box and at the top there is a soft feeling of lying down with the mattress and topper. This system is significantly more adaptable due to the significantly higher spring deflection compared to a conventional bed system consisting of a mattress and slatted frame.

We therefore recommend that you always start with the heavier person when choosing the degree of firmness and that you choose the same equipment for both sides of the bed.

In any case, we also recommend a continuous topper to avoid a “visitor crack”. The only exception is a box spring bed with electrical adjustment: a so-called split topper with incisions in the head and foot area or two individual toppers can be the better solution. Each side of the bed can be adjusted individually.

As you can see, there are many points to consider when choosing the right box spring bed. However, there is no such thing as “the right” bed for every person, rather the optimal box spring bed must be individually selected and configured from different systems for every person or couple. The most important thing here is good, expert advice. According to our customers’ experience, these are not necessarily obtained in furniture or bed stores….

We offer very detailed advice via our box spring questionnaire , on the phone and on site at our exhibition. It is also a good opportunity to spend the appointment in our showroom with one or two nights on the box spring bed of your choice in our partner hotel “Goldener Hirsch”.

Sleep in a box spring bed