Sights of Limburg, Netherlands

According to Wholevehicles, the province of Limburg is located in the southeast of the Netherlands. According to many traditional Limburgers, this is without a doubt the nicest province in the Netherlands. Limburg has a number of factors that make the province so special. Characteristic are the hilly landscape in the southern part of Limburg. The green slopes with rustic villages offer this part of the Netherlands a unique appearance within the mostly flat country. A second important characteristic of Limburg is that conviviality, going out and fine dining are important elements in daily life. It is not for nothing that the Limburg carnival is so well known.

Top 10 sights of Limburg

#1. Maastricht
The Burgundian capital of Limburg has plenty to offer for a day trip. There are countless restaurants and cafes, most of which have a lovely terrace. You have the majestic Sint-Servaas Basilica, Sint Servaasbrug, the Helpoort (old city gate), the bustling Vrijthof and the lively market with its beautiful town hall. The refreshing and innovative district of Céramique will make many an architect’s heart beat faster. Particularly beautiful buildings such as that of the now world-famous Bonnefantenmuseum adorn this inspiring district. The range of museums such as the Bonnefantenmuseum, Maastricht Natural History Museum and the Sint Pietersmuseum make Maastricht a wonderful destination.

#2. Drielandenpunt
The highest point of the rather flat Netherlands is also where it borders Belgium and Germany. This is called the three-country point. This park has a catering facility, a maze/labyrinth and possibilities for group activities such as archery, compass tours and children’s parties. From this park there are many possibilities for cycling and walking tours.

#3. Valkenburg
Who has never been to Valkenburg? This city is one of the most popular destinations in the province of Limburg. There is therefore plenty to do and see. You have an open-air theater, Valkenburg Castle, the Roman Catacomb, a spa, Spookjesbos Valkenburg and prehistoric flint mines. But most tourists visit one of the many caves. In the velvet cave, where the Christmas market is held every year, you will find a large system of corridors that lead you past various wall drawings and a real cave chapel. The corridors were used in the past to go somewhere unseen from the castle, for example. Works of art such as sculptures and wall drawings can be admired in the municipal cave of Valkenburg. In the summer months it is wonderful to walk in the cool caves.

#4. Gaia ZOO
Named the best animal park in the Netherlands in 2011. The park is actually divided into four areas: the green rainforest with monkeys, boars and pygmy hippos; the tundra and steppe with Przewalski’s horses, musk oxen and other reindeer; the savannah with giraffes, lions, springboks and rhinoceroses; the fourth area is Limburg with the cow, the pig and the petting zoo. You can find this animal park in Kerkrade.

#5. Park Gravenrode
This recreational area covers the landscape between Kerkrade and Landgraaf and is part of park city Limburg. Within this 700-hectare part of Limburg you will find, among other things, the Gaia animal park, Snowworld in Landgraaf, Discovery Center Continium and the mining region.

#6. Discovery Center Continium
From 1 September 2014, a Design Lab and an Earth Theater will be built next to the Discovery Center Continium on the Museumplein in Kerkrade. This creates a real Museumplein, where from mid-October 2015 you can discover even more about the world in which we live. Due to this new building, the Continium is only open for school groups during this period (on reservation). But don’t worry, instead of the full experience in Kerkrade, we are presenting no fewer than four Discovery Experiences during this period! Fun exhibitions, interactive workshops and Science Shows can be experienced in Maastricht, Sittard, Venlo and Aachen! From mid-October 2015 you can discover again in Discovery Center Continium how science and technology influence your life. Not only life now, but also of the past and of the future. You can then compete with robots, experience how people worked in the mines, shop in the store of the future and zoom in to nano level.

#7. Thermenmuseum Heerlen
This important building from the Roman era was only discovered in 1940 and since then the Netherlands’ most impressive archaeological findings have been uncovered here. In this museum you walk over the excavations via a bridge, which gives you a good view of the remains of the building. You will also find found objects in the museum that were encountered during the excavation.

#8. World Gardens Mondo Verde
A 25-hectare theme park can be found in the Limburg town of Landgraaf. Many international gardens decorated with statues, waterfalls and birds are exhibited here. There is a lot for the children to discover in the Dinobos. This park has also set up a part as an amusement park, so that you can have fun here with the whole family.

#9. Schutterspark
This oldest public park in the Netherlands offers a number of fun attractions. Although the largest part consists of hiking and nature areas, there is also a part intended for children. You will find a petting zoo, playground, rowing pond with pedal boats and boats, the bare foot path and a model railway. This park is located in the Limburg town of Brunssum.

#10. Hoensbroek Castle South Limburg
This castle is one of the largest in the Netherlands and is the largest fortress located between the Maas and the Rhine. Castle Hoensbroek is a very well-maintained structure that is completely surrounded by water. The access bridge can be found at the front. The different architectural styles give you a good idea of ​​the centuries it has endured.

Limburg, Netherlands