SDSU Reviews (9)

First of all, when the decision for the SDSU had been made, some formalities would have to be dealt with. DAAD test, application, application for a foreign diploma, plane ticket, visa … It sounds like a lot of work at first, but it wasn’t that difficult. Everything went smoothly and your website was very helpful with any queries. However, I had to advance the tuition fees and they were only paid by the Auslandsbaf√∂g in March. For the flight I can recommend the STA Travel Travel Agency.

For the maintenance I opted for a host family, which was worthwhile in terms of costs. Renting a room in San Diego costs $ 600. But when it comes to food, it can be a culture shock for one or the other. Especially in the host family you can prepare for fast food.

When I first arrived in San Diego, I wanted to buy a car because the public transport connection is miserable. There is only one trolley from the university to downtown. Then I decided to rent a car with “express rent a car” for 350 dollars / month student rate including insurance for damage caused by yourself of 1500 dollars or more.

In the introductory week we started to register and get to know each other. Then you had to crash courses in the second week. That means going to the professor and explaining that you are an international student and whether he still has places in his course. At the same time, some Americans try to crash the courses who have not registered beforehand and they have priority. That’s why you have to have many alternatives. But later in the first three weeks the chaos was over, because many Americans sign up for several courses in the first week, which they then quickly deselect. Additional capacities are created for international students through special sections. It is therefore important to indicate in advance which courses you would like to have.¬†Check liuxers to see more reviews from current students.

From a sporting point of view, as an ALI student you can go to the fitness center and swimming pool free of charge. And the fitness center is open 24 hours a day, including Sundays. You can also add a surf course to your courses as a unit and then have to pay around $ 170 for it. In addition, every Ali student can take part in the surf course once for 5 dollars. But you have to register in advance.

In the evenings there are many opportunities to go out in downtown San Diego. But you have to note that in America the discos close at half past one, but something is really going on at eight o’clock in the evening. Must see the Universal Studio in LA, Sea World and the famous zoo in San Diego. Going to Julien to try the world-famous apple pie was very worthwhile. Also went to Tijuana, Mexico a couple of times. But it is important that you don’t go there alone and leave the car on the American side, then run over and take a taxi there. The city is much bigger and livelier than San Diego.

In Spring Break we went to Vegas via Lake Havatsu for a week, which was an absolutely unforgettable experience. Grand Canyon is well worth a look on the way. But don’t forget to refuel before you land in the desert. If there hadn’t been a gas station in the middle of the desert it would have been a long hike.

The costs in San Diego are very high, especially for real estate and everyday goods. So it is better to take small things like sunscreen, blanket from home with you. The petrol and textile prices are relatively cheap there. Some technical things can also be cheaper in America. I can highly recommend for used technology.

I hope you enjoy your stay.

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