SDSU Reviews (5)

When I and a fellow student decided to do a semester abroad, we thought about what would be possible. Since the partner universities of our own university were unfortunately not available for the selected period, we turned to your website without obligation to find out what options there are. We received really nice advice, received a lot of information and after careful consideration we decided in favor of San Diego.

Unfortunately we were not informed by your website that it is actually only possible for international students to take separate courses at SDSU. That means that living together with American students at SDSU was hardly possible. We didn’t even have these special courses on campus, but in a separate building in front of the campus. That was a huge disappointment, because you don’t decide to spend a semester abroad in America in order to later study exclusively with international students (80% of whom were German).

It is generally possible to “crash” a single regular American course, that is, you go to the first lecture of the course and ask the professor whether you can still be admitted to the course. But since all Americans are allowed to vote beforehand and there are no more places available for international students, it is almost impossible to crash a course. We tried a couple of courses and were turned away from all of the courses we wanted. Total cheek considering how much money you’re paying. All international students were very disappointed with this system because, of course, they all wanted to study with Americans. Many complained to the ALI, but were immediately rejected.

Unfortunately, I can only say bad things about the American Language Institute (ALI). One is rejected and treated condescendingly. We accidentally entered the wrong course and were immediately reprimanded. ALI told us we broke the rules and we were under special surveillance from then on. In other words, we had to sign that we would be thrown out of the university immediately if we made any further mistakes, received a bad grade (from C- / 3.3) or if we did not behave impeccably or do not do our homework. Totally exaggerated and also an absolute cheek that we accidentally entered the wrong course. Incidentally, this is what happened to a lot of international students!

You have to invest a lot more time in the university than in Germany. It’s not harder, but there is a lot more to learn! You don’t have much free time, which is a shame because you are in California after all!

Apart from the inconvenience of going to college, life outside of college in San Diego was awesome! Sun, beach and sea! Very nice city, lots to see and do. Weekend trips to the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Francisco are simply terrific. B. the desert is simply impressive. Check ehuacom to see more reviews from current students.

San Diego offers many possibilities to live in student apartments or shared flats. According to some students, it is better not to rent the apartments on campus. They are supposed to be in bad shape, which nobody cares about. The adjoining student residences in side streets are recommended. We lived in the “Suites on Paseo”, a new building, first occupancy. Furnished, single and double rooms with private bathrooms. There is a bistro with a meal plan, so it doesn’t matter that you don’t have your own kitchen. There is a microwave and refrigerator in every room. We didn’t miss the kitchen. We also had a laundry area and a fitness room.

There are also many shared apartments, both on the beach and in the college area. Since it is about 20 minutes by car from the beach to the university (a lot longer in the morning during rush hour), you should think twice about whether you really want to live on the beach.

All in all, I cannot recommend the SDSU due to the numerous inconveniences and the lack of cooperation from the ALI. In addition, it makes no sense to spend a semester abroad if one is completely excluded from actual American campus life. I would love to go back to San Diego for life, but there is no way I would study at SDSU again.

SDSU College of Arts and Letters