San Marino Geography and Climate

San Marino is a small state located in Italy, a few kilometers from the Adriatic coast. This is one of the oldest republics in the world, known for its freedom-loving people. At every point in the country, the spirit of the Middle Ages hovers – ancient castles rise on the rocks, small houses and Catholic churches stand along the narrow streets.

The best time to travel to San Marino is from May to September, when the weather is comfortable.

The official language of the country is Italian. The indigenous population speaks the Tuscan dialect of Italian. In the tourism sector, English, French and German are widely used.

Geography in San Marino

According to top-engineering-schools, San Marino is located in Southern Europe in the northeast of the Apennine Peninsula, 22 km from the Adriatic Sea and is surrounded by the territory of Italy. The area of the country is 61.2 sq. km.

Most of the territory of San Marino is occupied by the slopes of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines with gentle limestone terraces. Only a small part of the country lies at the foot of the mountains. The highest point of San Marino is Mount Titano (749 m).

The largest rivers are Ausa, Marano and San Marino.

Climate in San Marino

San Marino has a subtropical Mediterranean climate. The coldest month is February, daytime temperatures at this time are +7..+9 degrees, nighttime temperatures are +1..+3 degrees. In winter, the Adriatic coast is exposed to the cold north and northeast wind “bora”, so light frosts sometimes occur.

The hottest months in San Marino are August and September. During the day, the air temperature rises to +26 degrees, and at night it drops to +18 degrees. In summer, breezes blow on the plains, and in the mountainous part – mountain-valley winds that soften the heat.

On average, up to 900 mm of precipitation falls in San Marino per year, mainly in the autumn-winter period, for example, in November – 115 mm of precipitation. In winter, snow sometimes falls, but it does not last long.

Best time to visit:
The best time to travel to San Marino is from May to September, when the weather is comfortable.

Types of Tourism in San Marino


San Marino is so small that most tourists prefer to see its sights simply by walking through the narrow streets of the cities. You can also go on a tour of the local landscapes, fields, terraces and forests on hiking trails. FORMULA 1 In April, northwest of San Marino in Imola, Italy, the Formula 1 Grand Prix, which bears the name of the republic, takes place. The Italian authorities have asked the government of San Marino to give the race the name of the country in order to legally hold two stages of the Grand Prix in Italy, while in each country only one Formula 1 stage can take place. A ticket for one day of the race costs from 50 to 500 euros, and a three-day tour with accommodation and visiting races costs about 1000 euros.


Everywhere in San Marino there is a spirit of the Middle Ages, there are many old buildings, castles and churches.

San Marino Geography