Samsung's TouchWiz Adaptation Get Big Design Changes

A new version of Samsung’s TouchWiz-customization of Android phones and tablets have been leaked. The new software comes with a brand new, white design.
Samsung’s customization of Android operating system is probably the one that will be associated most often with Android as a whole, and with the South Korean manufacturer is behind more than a fifth of all smartphones on the market.
Touchwiz-adaptation, however, has not always received the same roses with on the road as it is today, as it was often seen as being very resource-intensive and filled with unnecessary design changes that differed sharply from the way in which Google had intended for Android.
In recent years Samsung has done a great job to improve the TouchWiz in machinery, but in particular also on the design front. The many design changes, however, is not over yet, for the next version of TouchWiz is going to bring great news with it just by design.
A user at XDA-developers developer since have come in possession of and has published the next edition of TouchWiz based on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, which right now is in a beta version and goes under the name of Project Grace. It has subsequently been the Italian website HDblog to browse through all the news in the upcoming redesign, as the user interface gets.
Overall there may about the new design is said that Samsung has scrapped almost all colors that otherwise has been strongly represented in the TouchWiz-adaptation. Instead, most elements become, not just white, but very white.
The combination of the now very white design and rounder corners, for example, text fields and pop-ups are looking, to some extent, mind over at Apple’s iOS 9, but no more than that the two operating systems design still is easy to distinguish from each other.

Debuteres possibly with Galaxy Note 7

It is reported that the new TouchWiz design already will be put into service this fall, where Galaxy Note 7 and Note 7 edge will be launched. Specifications on Galaxy Note 7 is the other day appeared, where according to Sammobile just shows that it comes with the new Grace-interface.
If it turns out that the new design does not yet when to get ready for the launch of Galaxy Note 7, who presumably already will take place on 2 august, there can be little doubt that at least the Galaxy S8 arrives with the updated design.
Regardless of which phone that debuts with the new TouchWiz, you can of course just choose another of the many available Samsung themes, if it does not fall into your taste.
What is your assessment of the new TouchWiz design? Is it a progress or going the wrong way with the new Samsung, white design? Give your opinion in a comment below.