Proper Use of Storage Space under the Stairs

On average, every inhabitant in Germany has almost 47 m² of living space.¹ That’s not much, considering that we relax, play and pursue our hobbies and sometimes even work in our home. It is important to use the available space efficiently. Areas under sloping ceilings, niches or even the space under the stairs are often not even considered. However, with the right furniture, they can be used to conjure up real storage space miracles! We have put together four storage solutions for you that will help you make the best use of storage space under the stairs. To see acrylic letters creative decorations with modern typography, please check proindustrialfans.

Use storage space under stairs with shelf cubes

In this entrance area, a staircase leads across the corner to the upper floor. Two shelf cubes were attached to the wall under the steps. It is an ideal solution for anyone who likes things to be airy and clear. This type of stair cupboard is particularly trendy at the moment and is a small eye-catcher thanks to its floating appearance. The cupboards are complemented by a bench that makes it easier to put on and take off shoes while sitting. In this way, the storage space under the stairs is used in an absolutely practical way without appearing too full. In the niche next to the passage, storage space for jackets, hats and the like has been created thanks to a custom-made shelf with overlying drawers.

Turn the space under the stairs into a shoe closet

If you have a lot of shoes, this solution is definitely ideal. For the space under the stairs, a slanted shelf was built to fit the gap perfectly. This type of stair cupboard offers a lot of space for your belongings, but remains nice and airy thanks to its open character. Favorite bags and shoes can be stored in the open shelves and are always ready to hand. The shoe rack is complemented by a chest of drawers in the same style to the right of the stairs . Additional accessories that are needed less often can be stowed here.

Storage Space under the Stairs

Setting up a home office under the stairs

To be able to work efficiently from home, you need a comfortable desk and enough storage space for all your documents. It is therefore often not that easy to find the right place for it in the apartment or house. The storage space under the stairs can be ideally used here to create a cozy and at the same time practical workplace: the stairs leading up have created a niche that is perfect for a home office. In the corner there is space for a height-adjustable desk, since the space under the stairs is particularly high here. This is followed by a cabinet-shelf combination in which files and work materials can be stowed within easy reach. The handle-less doors offer further unobtrusive storage space, for example for cleaning materials.

Stylish stair cupboards in the living room

Especially in the living room, the storage space under the stairs can be a real furnishing aid. Hardly any other room in the apartment is used in so many different ways – so it is not surprising that a particularly large number of things have to be accommodated here. What could serve better than an integrated staircase cupboard? The cozy sofa corner is connected to the stairs in the living area . The sloping shelf in wild oak with many compartments serves as a music library and keeps records, CDs and music equipment within reach for cozy evenings on the couch. By completely occupying the gap between the wall and the stairs, the room appears calm and tidy.

Proper Use of Storage Space under the Stairs