Plenti launches Denmark's Cheapest Subscription with Free Data

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Denmark’s new telecom company, Plenti, pushes the price further in the bottom with the cheapest subscription with mobile data, voice, and SMS/MMS in unlimited quantities.
If you are very price conscious, but at the same time, watchman the high to be able to browse loose-Yes, actually unlimited-on your mobile without going with concerns about reaching the month data CAP, so is Plentis new and even sharper priced subscription certainly something for you.
The concept of Plenti is quite simple: ‘one subscription-all included’, and the road continues telecommunications company ad with today’s launch of the new subscription.
For just 119 dollars per month you get free data, free speech and free SMS/MMS, so you can browse, speaking and writing so crazy that you want.
“A big part of the vision around Plenti was to make a new type of mobile subscription, which was completely straightforward to understand. No ceiling on airtime and complicated additional packages on your phone data usage. Therefore it has also always been a part of the strategy to launch a clean mobile product with free voice, sms and data, which can compete with the cheapest on the market. We are the only one that offers free data on the cell phone, but our new subscription can beat the price even on subscriptions that have ceiling on data usage, “ says Peter Mægbæk, ceo of Plenti.
The uniqueness of Plentis original subscription is that for 199 dollars a month included free access to a lot of entertainment with-among other magazines and weeklies from Pling, audiobooks with Mofibo and free access to Tivoli.

The new subscription to the segment that is already subscribed to many of these entertainment services, which you pay only 80 pounds more per month in the larger Plenti-subscription.
With the new subscription allows Plenti to call her owner of Denmark’s cheapest subscription with free data because Plenti, as you know, is the only player on the Danish market, which frees the consumer loose on the mobile network- If there is not, therefore, be made data sharing to another device, where the border now is 50 GB per month.

In order to emphasize how much you get for your money at Plenti, have the phone company taken a look at the other telecommunications companies most competitive subscriptions. In the table below you can see how Plenti stands out from the country’s other telecommunications companies.