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The Oregon coasts are visited in 1542-1543 by the Spanish Bartolomé Ferrelo, followed by the English navigators Exmo. Sir Francis Drake 1579, James Cook in 1778 and George Vancouver in 1792.

The region is then populated by Amerindians (Chinooks, Yakimas, Shoshones). Its exploration is carried out by Americans. Started in 1792 with Robert Gray, who goes up a part of the river to Columbia, it is completed by the American expedition Lewis and Clark (1804-1806). In 1811, John Jacob Astor melts a leather trade counter (Astoria) to the mouth of Columbia. Oregon is claimed by three nations: Spain, which ends in resigning in 1819, Britain, which controls the fur trade via the Hudson’s Bay Company, and the United States.

The Oregon treaty signed on June 15, 1846 finally leaves the United States with all the territories south of the 49th parallel. Oregon was erected in Territory in 1848. It then included the present state of Washington, which split in 1853.

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On February 14, 1859, Oregon became the American 33rd Stat. Americans are long in shock to the Indians (Modoc war, 1864-1873; Shoshone war, 1866-1868). These are definitely introduced in 1880 and forced to join reserves. The realization, in 1869, of the railroad Union Pacific causes a new wave of immigration. Wood and agriculture quickly become the main resources in the state’s economy. These two sectors benefit from irrigation and cheap hydroelectric energy after the construction of several dams (1930s). The Second World War caused a diversification of industries and favored the economic growth of the State, which today benefits from the dynamism of the economic zone of the Pacific.

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Universities in Oregon

Oregon State University in Corvallis near Salem
Oregon State University was founded in Corvallis in 1868 as the Agriculture College of the State of Oregon. Approximately 20,000 students are currently studying at Oregon State University. A special course is that of nuclear technology. There is a dedicated research reactor on the university campus. A famous graduate of Oregon State University is the Nobel Prize in Chemistry and Peace Prize Linus Pauling.

Contact www.oregonstate.edu/

Portland State University
Portland State University was founded in 1946 and is now the largest university in the state of Oregon with around 30,000 students. In addition, Portland State University continues to be the fastest growing university in Oregon. David Hasselhoff and Courtney Love also studied at Portland State University.

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University of Oregon at Eugene
The state University of Oregon was founded in Eugene in 1876. The university campus is well worth seeing and impresses with many historic buildings spread across the 1.1 km² campus. There are currently approximately 20,000 students studying here and the University of Oregon is a member of the Association of American Universities, a network of research-intensive North American universities.

Contact www.uoregon.edu

University of Portland
The private University of Portland is a Catholic university founded in 1901. With only about 3,500 students, the University of Portland is a relatively small university and especially known for its sports teams.

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Willamette University in Salem
The private Willamette University in the city of Salem was founded in 1853 and is one of the oldest universities in the Pacific Northwest. The law and medical faculties have a special tradition. With around 2,500 students, Willamette University is still a fairly small university.

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Public Schools in Oregon by County

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