Okinawa Island, Japan

According to CachedHealth, Okinawa Island is a popular beach resort in Japan, as well as the main epicenter of the cultural and entertainment life of the entire Ryukyu archipelago. Many ancient castles and temples are scattered throughout the island, while the southern part of the island is replete with cafes, restaurants and excellent beaches, which annually attract a considerable number of tourists to the island.

Here is the capital of the archipelago – the city of Naha.

Main resorts and region of Okinawa island

Southern Okinawa

The southern tip of Okinawa offers a secluded getaway away from the main resort area, beautiful sandy beaches and several popular dive sites. Proximity to the island’s capital, Naha, will diversify your beach holiday with shopping, and the surrounding castles and natural parks with excursions.

“Okinawa California” Chatan is one of the youngest areas of the island, a favorite vacation spot for both tourists and locals. There are many good restaurants in Hambi, the Miyagi coast in Sunabe has excellent fishing, diving and surfing, and the American village of Mihama is indistinguishable from a bustling beach resort in the States.

One of the most luxurious beaches in Okinawa is located on the island of Kudaka, which is 5 km east of the village of Chinan. Also popular are Inbu Beach and Seragaki Beach, where you can enjoy great swimming and diving.

BB Beach near Itoman is one of the most “sparsely populated” beaches of the island with tourists. There you can have a barbecue or dine in one of the “folk” restaurants. In the capital Naha, if you wish, you can swim on the beaches of Naminoue and Toyosaki-Chura-San.

Central Okinawa

The main location of the island’s hotels, the central region of Okinawa will delight you with a bunch of well-equipped beaches, developed infrastructure and plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities. The hotel zone is located on the west coast, which is most protected from the winds. Top resort hotels include the Okinawa Marriott Resort and Spa and the Panacea Natural Resort.

Okinawa City is the second largest city in Okinawa Prefecture after Naha, and the administrative and commercial capital of the central part of the island. The place of deployment of all tourists here is Gate-Tou Street with many shops, cafes and entertainment. Ginowan is famous for its beautiful Tropical Beach, Ginowan Marina and the Ginowan Convention Center.

Yomitan village is famous for its pristine nature and centers of traditional crafts. In addition, it is believed that here is one of the most beautiful sunsets on the island – this statement can be checked on any of the clear evenings at Cape Dzampa or Nirai Beach. Pottery workshops are located in the Yachimun-no-Sato area.

Northern Okinawa

The picturesque northern tip of the island of Okinawa offers tourists to enjoy the magnificent nature, relaxation in luxury hotels and wonderful dive sites. Here you should definitely admire the sunset at the extreme northern point – Cape Ido, where the Pacific waves crash against the rocks.

The village of Onna is called the resort paradise of Okinawa. A chain of resort hotels lined up along the beach line, increasingly attracting the attention of newlyweds and those wishing to celebrate an exotic wedding. At Canna Thalasso Okinawa in Ginoza, you can soak in the many pools and jacuzzis, as well as undergo a marine clay and algae recovery course. Coco Garden Resort Okinawa in Ishikawa offers a treatment based on sea salt and turmeric. Goya bitter melon, deep sea water, hibiscus and black sugar, all part of spa treatments, can be tasted at the Kanutya Bay Hotel in Nago.

Also popular are Inbu Beach and Seragaki Beach, where you can enjoy great swimming and diving. Another good dive site is located in the area of ​​Cape Maeda.

Shopping and shopping in Okinawa

You can go to the largest glass factory in the archipelago – Ryukyu Glass Village, where you can buy a lot of authentic souvenirs in a local gallery or shop.

In addition, Okinawa offers a unique opportunity to learn how to make the traditional Shisa talisman, Bingata cloth, lacquerware at Ryukyu-mura and Murasaki-mura theme parks.

Entertainment and attractions of the island of Okinawa

The main natural attraction of the island is an underground cave formed 300,000 years ago, 5 km long, 890 m of which are open to the public. The cave is located in the Okinawa World theme park, where you can also see old Okinawa buildings, Ace performances, etc.

Okinawa Peace Prayer Park and Memorial Museum are located in Itoman City. It was here that the last battles of the battle for Okinawa resounded. The names of 237,779 people who gave their lives in this battle are engraved on stone slabs.

In addition, the underground headquarters of the Japanese Navy forces, the Himyueri no To monument (erected in tribute to the memory of young schoolchildren and teachers recruited by the Japanese army as nurses for the Haebaru army field hospital), the Himyueri Peace Memorial Hall are of interest.

It is worth watching the whale sharks and manta rays that slowly swim through the giant Churaumi Okinawa Aquarium, 8.2 m high and 22.5 m wide. Real underwater life at a depth of 5-6 meters can be observed at the Busen Underwater Observatory, which is located on the pier near the Bangkoku Shinryokan.

Southeast Botanical Gardens is Japan’s largest tropical park with over 2,000 plant species. No less interesting is the Bios on the Hill botanical garden, and in the town of Gala you can see how sea water is turned into salt.

Okinawa Island, Japan