Office Furniture Trends 2022

The home office has become an integral part of the working world in the past two years. While the kitchen, living room or even bedroom initially became a temporary place of work, the demands on the home office have now increased: It should be comfortable and ergonomic, use the available space effectively and offer room for concentration and creativity. The office furniture trends 2022 show you how to ideally reconcile “home” and “office”.

The must-have furniture for your office:

  • Desk with adjustable height
  • Ergonomic office chair
  • Filing cabinets with shelves and drawers
  • Space- saving chests of drawers , sideboards and lowboards
  • Shelves as storage space and room dividers
  • Wall cupboards , wall shelves and shelving cubes

It should be high-quality, durable and sustainable

Higher, faster, further: the principle of unbridled consumerism has given way to a desire for consistency in recent years. We long for stability and things that last, which is accompanied by a reduction to the essentials. Clear lines, timeless design and durability are therefore among the most important furniture trends of the year – and this also applies to office furnishings. Custom-made furniture is the opposite of the “throwaway society”: it usually lasts for many years – even decades – and is not a mass product, but tailored precisely to you and your home.

Office Furniture Trends 2022

As a leading producer of made-to-measure furniture in Germany and your office furniture expert, we attach great importance to quality and sustainability: your new furniture is made in our in-house production, which is operated 100% with green electricity. We use leftover wood from cutting to size in winter to heat our state-of-the-art production facility. In addition, we obtain our wood exclusively from European forests that are managed in sustainable forestry. Therefore, you can be sure of receiving a quality product that will give you pleasure for a long time. We give you a five-year guarantee on this .

Comfortable and ergonomic: Office furniture that makes work easier

Most companies have long recognized that ergonomic office furniture is essential for the physical health and concentration of their employees. Of course, the same applies to the equipment in your home office. Are you still sitting on the uncomfortable kitchen chair or with your back bent at the much too low living room table? You are doing yourself and your body a disservice!

Unsuitable seating and work surfaces cause back pain after just a few hours, which can even become chronic over a longer period of time. It is not uncommon for this pain to radiate to the head or legs. This is not only extremely unpleasant, but also reduces your ability to concentrate and makes productive work almost impossible. So invest in an ergonomic office chair that has good padding and a flexible backrest.

In addition, you should not rely on cheap solutions when choosing your desk. At you will find height-adjustable desks that can be easily adjusted at the push of a button – to suit your height and seat height. It is even possible to work alternately sitting and standing, which is recommended by doctors to prevent tension. In addition to the dimensions, you can also determine the design of your perfect desk yourself in our online configurator. Choose a table frame in silver, black or white and combine it with a table top in one of five possible decors, according to your taste.

Below you will find an overview of the recommended seat and table heights:

height Sitzhöhe table height
113 cm 30 cm 52 cm
128 cm 34 cm 58 cm
143 cm 38 cm 64 cm
158 cm 42 cm 70 cm
173 cm 46 cm 76 cm
187 cm 50 cm 82 cm

Desk and Seat Height Calculator

Enter your height below to calculate your optimal table and seat height.

Functional and multifunctional: Modern office furniture is a miracle of space

If you are one of the lucky people who have an entire study at home, you can equip your home office with large wall units. In our online planner, these can be divided up completely individually and their dimensions can be precisely adapted to your room situation. For example, order your filing cabinets online to hang over the door – this saves floor space and makes the room look less crowded.

Tip: If you want to hang up your office furniture later, write this in the comments field before sending your order. We will drill the holes and send you the necessary material.

If, on the other hand, you have to make do with a small room or have to set up your workplace in the living room or kitchen, there are also suitable furniture options for this. In particular, furniture is in demand that takes up as little floor space as possible and at the same time offers a lot of storage space. Instead of the large classic wall unit, narrow office cupboards that at best reach under the ceiling come into question. Even sloping ceilings are no problem with the furniture planner from, because our filing cabinets can be easily configured with slopes. Chests of drawers, sideboards and lowboards impress with their compact format, which means they can even be placed under windows. At the same time, they offer additional space for your work materials thanks to their storage space.

A pro tip for your office furnishings are shelves. These can not only be used as a place to store files and the like, but can also serve as a room divider. If you set up your home office in the guest room or bedroom, for example, you can use shelves to separate the sleeping and working areas well. Mobile containers offer even more flexibility. This office furniture is not equipped with fixed furniture feet, but with castors.

You lack space on the floor? No problem, after all rooms have walls! Furniture such as custom-made wall cabinets, wall shelves or cube shelves create storage space where you might not have expected it. Arrange your books neatly on a shelf or store sensitive documents in a hanging cabinet with lockable doors so children can’t reach them.

Office furniture that creates order

Workplaces in classic offices always represent compromises. Employees can rarely put together their furnishings in such a way that they are precisely tailored to their needs. It’s different in the home office: Here you become a designer! Before you buy your office furniture online, you should think carefully about what you really need. Take stock of your supplies, see how big they are, and think about how you want to store them. You should answer the following questions:

  • What materials do I need every day?
  • What do I rarely use?
  • Will there be more purchases?
  • Into which categories can all this be divided?

These considerations will help you determine the appropriate dimensions and interior design of your office furniture. Finally, enter the information you have collected in the online configurator. First, you determine the outer dimensions of your furniture to the millimeter. Then you plan the division. Should your filing cabinet consist of just one element or several? Should they all be the same width and height or different sizes? In the next step, you determine the interior fittings: Shelves, drawers, drawers and more can be designed in such a way that your work materials fit exactly without wasting space. Then you choose the fronts: Design elements either open or closed with revolving doors, mirrored doors or glass panels. By your closet you will also find cabinets with sliding doors or sliding doors that take up very little space. The days of bad compromises are behind you with custom-made office furniture!

Office furnishings in 2022: comfort is key

Even at home in the “office” the “home” should not be neglected. Means: You can make yourself comfortable while working. Your furniture does not have to come in the classic office look, but can be adapted to your individual taste and your furnishing style. In addition to the dimensions and equipment, you can use the online configurator to determine the design of your office furniture yourself. From the body to the rear wall, from the doors to the handles, you can choose your favorites from numerous options. Among other things, we offer you:

  • Classic plain decors in popular colours
  • Natural wood decors for every style
  • Lacquered surfaces in 190 RAL colors – matt or high-gloss
  • Mirror and various glass panels
  • A wide range of handles and the modern push-to-open opening

In addition to practical shelf and cabinet models, modern office furniture also includes a beautiful seating area. Here you can withdraw for a short coffee break or take a more relaxed position for brainstorming or a phone call. In addition , sofas , corner sofas, armchairs and stools give your study a cozy atmosphere that you simply enjoy spending time in.

For many people, there is little that is more depressing than cold, bare walls and sober, functional furnishings. That’s why decoration is expressly desired in the home office – as long as you don’t overdo it and turn your study into a junk room. Place your favorite flowers on the sideboard and line up colorful coffee cups on the wall board or in the cube shelf. You can configure a chest of drawers that complements your coffee corner. As long as your decorative items don’t bother you at work, anything that increases your feel-good factor is allowed.

Office Furniture Trends 2022