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The region of present-day North Dakota is populated by Indian tribes – Ojibwés, Cheyennes and Sioux (Dakotas) – when it was explored in 1738 by the Canadian Pedra do Vérendrye.

In the 1790s, the Canadian Northwest Company and the Hudson Bay Company set up trade counters on the Red River. The North Dakota then passes under the control of the United States as part of the Louisiana purchase from France in 1803. The border with Canada is definitely established in 1818, on the 49th parallel. In 1861, a territory in Dakota comprising North Dakota and South Dakota, Montana and Wyoming is created. The Dakotas Indians, deprived of their land, are driven away from western Missouri. Numerous settlers, including Norwegian and German immigrants, affluent in the 1870-1890s, attracted by fertile agricultural land. The North Dakota joined the Union on November 2nd 1889, as the thirty-ninth American State.

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Crisis of the 1930s

The North Dakota was touched by the crisis of the 1930s, causing mass emigration. The local economy, however, rebounded with prosperity during the Second World War. The oil and coal industries developed particularly in the 1970s. The population of North Dakota decreased in the 1980s as well as in the early 1990s; it is now below its 1920 level.

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Universities, scientific institutions in North Dakota

University of North Dakota at Grand Forks
The University of North Dakota is located in the city of Grand Forks and was founded in 1883. It is the oldest university in the state and even 6 years older than the state itself. A total of over 13,000 students study here, making the University of North Dakota the largest university in North Dakota. The university has the following faculties:

  • Engineering
  • art
  • medicine
  • Natural sciences
  • pedagogy
  • law Sciences
  • Economics

North Dakota State University in Fargo
The North Dakota State University in the city of Fargo is a state university that was founded in 1890. With approximately 12,000 students, North Dakota State University is the second largest university in the state after the University of North Dakota. The university’s research is very good and the university has gained a special reputation in the fields of agriculture, nanotechnology and radio frequency identification.


Public Schools in North Dakota by County

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