Nokia Reaffirms Its Return to The Mobile Licensing The Brand, But Will Have to Wait at The End of 2016

There is much talk of the possible return of the Nokia brand to the world of smartphones. There are many who miss the Finnish mark, which last year sold its devices division at Microsoft, rumored is increasingly more forcefully the possible return with Android operating system, as it did in the range X.
And to much rumor Nokia wanted to make things clear. Its return It would have to wait at least until the last quarter of 2016, date agreed upon with the Redmond, and would not be simple. Norse claim not to be able to before having to manufacture and put new terminals in stores, which only arise put his mark to devices manufactured by third parties.
Nokia will revert to the market of mobile devices? The answer: is complicated
That’s one of the first sentences of the statements of Robert Morlino, spokesman of Nokia Technologies. But despite a response that would land you the illusions of a few, We could say that the discourse has changed a little, at least. In April we became echo of other much more sweeping statements, which claimed that there would be no new phones Nokia.

More than one year of waiting

On this occasion, in addition to leaving the door open, since Nokia have explained well its current position. Right now the Finns are focused in other businesses, such as equipment for infrastructure networks or location services and maps. With the bye to its terminal business in 2014 It was its ability to manufacture, distribution channel and its marketing strength, difficult to recover today.
For this reason the company ensure that the only way in which they would put his name to a smartphone It would be with an agreement with a company of “worldwide”, which ordered throughout the chain, from manufacturing terminals until it reaches the shops. They would be, in addition to the brand, your ideas of design and differentiation.
Seeing that that agreement was already given to launch the tablet Nokia N1, we can not rule out nothing to see a new Nokia smartphone, it only on your behalf. But as brand recalled, that return to the mobile market only half occur since the fourth quarter of 2016, so the first tracks on a new Nokia will have to wait.