Nokia A1, The So-Called Return of The Finns with a Super Range Media Android

Update: We will have to meet with the former Nokia C9 as possible first Nokia in its return, since Nokia A1 belonged to completo April Fool Day (equivalent to our Holy Innocents) Android Authority. Sorry for the inconvenience that we have created.
Much have been all waiting for the return of Nokia smartphones market. Since the division of the legendary brand terminals was at the hands of Microfost, rumors of the return to the world of the Finnish company smartphones have not stopped. The tablet already know it, Nokia N1, and This year should reach the smartphone, over the period in which no could launch phones with your name by agreement with the Redmond.
From Nokia they already assured us that his return would not be easy, having lost its position in the market, but despite this we have seen rumours in the form of a rare Nokia C1 or the newer Nokia C9. And again the images that come to us now, supposedly, It would be the first Nokia in his comeback fight to the smartphones, Nokia A1.
Apart from the image that we share, little more is known about the so-called Nokia A1. According to Android Authority, the terminal would have a 5.5 inch display and 1080 p resolution, so it would make the delight of those who seek a large screen with good resolution. Inside what it revealed is that it would take a Snapdragon 652, eight cores and GPU Adreno 510 4G modem in category 7 (up to 300 Mbps of download).
Apart from these two facts, the image we see a terminal away in those Nokia Lumia design. The back cover looks like plastic, with a well rounded and they have the volume buttons on the left side and the ignition in the law. In the House we don’t see anything beyond a LED flash and speaker seems to be located at the bottom rear.
Therefore, confirmed the existence of the Nokia A1, which, according to the same source, would reach the market this same summer, We would be facing that now call the super middle range, Although as much details to know. It is also a mystery if its release would be global, or as in the case of the Nokia tablet, smartphone would also be within the Chinese borders. It will be expected.