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The state was populated by Amerindians – Algonquins and Iroquois. The first European to reach New York Bay is, in 1524, the Italian explorer Giovanni IP Verrazano – who sails for the account of France -, whose name was given to one of the most notable bridges in New York City, the Verrazano- Narrows. In 1625, there is a permanent colony, News-Holland, of which the center, News-Amsterdam, is at the southern tip of Manhattan Island. The one annexed in 1664 by the British, site renamed New York in honor of the Duke of York, brother of King Charles II and future Jacques II of England who, in 1688, just the region to the News-England.

During the Franco-British War of 1754-1763, the British received the support of the Iroquois, and the Treaty of Paris of 1763 met the French presence throughout the region. The colony is, moreover, one of the most active homes of the revolt against the English government, and the region is experiencing violent fighting during the American War of Independence. After the defeat of George Washington to Longo Island in 1776, the British occupied New York City, until 1783; however, the Saratoga campaign (1777) ended with the first great American success and when it became the State of New York, it joined the Union on July 26, 1788, as the eleventh American state.

The opening of the Érié canal in 1825, allowing New York to open to the west over the rest of the country, and in particular the Great Lakes and the Midwest, considerably stimulates its commercial and industrial activities.

The city thus became, during the XIX and century, the main transforming, financial, port and commercial center of the country. Thereafter, economic growth accelerates further thanks to the migratory flow from Europe and Canada. During the twentieth century, two state governors, Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, came to the presidency of the United States.

The most populated state in the country until the 1960s around, the State of New York is hit during the 1970s and 1980s by a severe economic withdrawal that causes a sharp rise in unemployment and a negative migratory balance. However, it is the seat of most large American and foreign companies and situated in the middle of one of the most important and wealthy megapoles – from Boston to the capital Washington – to the world, New York City remains the economic and cultural capital of the eastern United States.

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Saint Anthony’s High School – South Huntington

St. Anthony’s High School is located in South Huntington on Long Island, it is only a 50-minute drive and is right in the middle of Manhattan. A great way to live in a protected area and to be able to enjoy the world metropolis Manhattan / New York in the immediate vicinity.

We are happy to represent Saint Anthony’s High School in New York in Germany, because the school and the surrounding area offer everything you could wish for from a year abroad, a great school with a lot of subjects, sports and clubs, and all that an unbeatable area – New York.

Huntington is on the north coast of Long Island and is part of the New York Metropolitan Area. 195,000 people currently live in the Huntington area, most of the former settlers came from England.

Saint Anthony’s High School was founded in 1933 and is a mixed, Catholic and very open-minded high school that offers a very good program for international students. The adolescents are classified and promoted according to their previous language skills, otherwise the students are integrated into the rest of the class together with their American classmates. The subject selection at St. Anthony’s High is very good, furthermore many courses are offered as AP courses, these are the most demanding courses that are taught at a high school and should prepare the young people for the upcoming college.

Our students receive very special care because the school has a team of employees who are only responsible for the well-being of the international students. We regularly receive reports on the progress of the students, numerous extracurricular activities and excursions are offered. You want the youngsters to gain the greatest possible benefit from school, culture and the environment during their stay.

During the stay, the young people stay with friendly host families, the selection is made directly by the school, which means that the families are selected very carefully, because the well-being of their students is very important to the employees, the host families are the school all known. The youngsters should not lack anything far from home. Before the start of school there is a careful introduction on site and during the year numerous excursions and activities are offered for all international students.

Universities, scientific institutions in New York

State University of New York (SUNY) in Albany
The State University of New York in the city of Albany was founded in 1948. However, this is only the founding date of the State University of New York, which has branches in the cities of Binghampton, Stony Brook, Albany and Buffalo. The head office is in Albany. The site in Albany has approximately 17,000 enrolled students and its history dates back to 1844, making the State University of New York campus in Albany the oldest in the state of New York. There is an art museum and a theater center on campus. There are also numerous Gothic buildings that were built between 1914 and 1918.


New York University
New York University – the largest private university in the USA (with approximately 48,000 students) – is located in Greenwich Village in Manhattan and consists of 14 faculties and colleges. Founded in 1831 by the then Secretary of the Treasury, Albert Gallatin (and some New York celebrities) in the sense of an educational institution open to all classes and races, the University of New York transformed over time into a private elite university with strict selection criteria. 2004 u. In 2005, the university had the largest number of applicants in the United States, and the number of 4000 guest students from over 100 countries is the largest nationwide. Her faculties occupy various publications, especially the “Stern School of Business”, the “Robert F. Wagner School of Public Service” and the “School of Law” the first places among the top universities in the USA. Other faculties that boast great scientific merits are: Medicine, Neuroscience, Computer Science, Mathematics, Philosophy and Political Science. The “Tisch School of Arts” (music, directing, theater) is one of the most popular artistic faculties in the country.

The knowledge stores of the New York University are the “Elmer Holmes Bobst Library” (with 4.5 million books, 20,000 journals, approx. 3.5 million microfilms & digital sources the (largest) university library), as well as the “Courant Institute of Mathematical Science “, the” FL Ehrmann Medical Library “, the” Law Library “, the” Stephen Chan Library of Fine Arts “and the” Jack Brause Real Estate Library “, access to them is through matriculation or a special permit. Beyond science, the university has a lively political history, in the course of which the New York students have repeatedly fought for peace and equality (e.g. during the racial unrest of the 1960s or the Vietnam War). Today, however, New York student life is rather inhomogeneous and politically underexposed. The university campus in the city center is open and the students like to disperse in the neighboring city and scene districts, which does not necessarily encourage contact within the faculties. Despite the tough competition, the university still relies on team-oriented learning and research.

Other major universities in New York:

Columbia University
The university, founded in 1754 as King’s College, goes back to a royal decree of King George II. Today, the university is considered one of the best elite universities in the United States.

Cornell University
This university in Ithaca is also one of the elite universities. It was founded in 1865 by scholar Andrew Dickson White and Ezra Cornell, a businessman and pioneer in the telecommunications industry.

Public Schools in New York by County