New Year’s Eve Customs in the USA

According to acronymmonster, New Year’s Eve always means a whole year full of new opportunities. One of them is the Green Card Lottery, which looks for new winners every year. Maybe this time you are one of them? Prepare yourself for your new life in the USA and spend the New Year like a real American!

New Year’s Eve – Celebrate Like an American!

New Year’s Eve is also an absolute highlight in the USA. Magnificent fireworks and exuberant streets shape the image of every American city and ring in the New Year with great euphoria. Would you like to be there but don’t have a green card yet and the travel budget is also empty? Then just celebrate a classic American New Year at home! We introduce you to 5 typical New Year’s Eve customs in the USA that should not be missing on this special day.

Lentil soup promises luck and money

Money and success are part of the American dream. The Americans also follow this line at the turn of the year and therefore eat a plate of lentil soup.

How does a can of lentils go with success and fun? Very easily! The US citizens follow this custom like the Czechs and believe in a rain of money when consuming this hearty dish. The shape of the lens is reminiscent of the shape of a coin and should bring both luck and a financial blessing in the New Year. Try it!

Lucky food from the southern states

You had enough soup and now want to move on to the main course? However, anyone who imagines a rich buffet in American households will be disappointed. The American likes it humble at this time. A southern proverb goes: “Eat poor on New Year’s, eat fat the rest of the year”.

A dish consisting of ham, peas, rice and green leafy vegetables (“Collard Greens”) is a classic US culinary delight, which is especially popular in the southern United States for New Year’s Eve. The color green stands for dollar bills and the peas symbolize coins. Like the lentil soup, consumption is said to promise luck and money in the New Year.

“Nothing goes out” – not even the garbage

American roads are always exceptionally clean at the turn of the year. This is not only due to the diligent cleaning service, but also to the “nothing goes out” custom. Legend has it that removing things from the house before the New Year starts is bad luck. So sometimes mountains of rubbish pile up in American kitchens instead of in the containers on the street.

This US New Year’s Eve custom has many advantages and can be easily adopted: Relax on the couch and hide the annoying corridors to return the deposit – now it’s time to celebrate!

Ball drop in Times Square

The absolute highlight on Times Square is the legendary ball drop of the “New Year’s Eve Ball” at midnight. It is a 3 meter large crystal ball that is adorned with thousands of LED lights. This moment is rounded off with pompous fireworks and accompanying singing and heralds the new year.

However, you don’t have to be in the front row of Times Square to get goose bumps here. Simply buy a decorative disco ball on the Internet, switch on the live broadcast of the New Year’s Eve spectacle in Times Square and stage your very own US New Year in your own living room!

The New Years anthem

Do you think the German national anthem is trite? Then try the American New Year’s anthem at midnight. Not only in Times Square, but everywhere in the USA, the Americans amiably sing the Scottish song “Auld Lang Syne”. You can find the text with an appealing New Year’s Eve video here.

New Year's Eve Customs in the USA