New iPhone 7-Color Is 'a Much Darker' Space Grey

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When Apple scrap colour space grey in the upcoming iPhone 7, will be the new color is not deep blue, but a darker space grey, almost black.
Apple stands to scrap the otherwise popular space grey-color when the next iPhone 7 is launched this fall. Two weeks ago, suggested that the new color would be deep blue, but now shows it not to be blue as first thought.
The website Macotakara, which stands behind the original story, has been out with a correction of what color actually is talking about. According to the new information should the new color as being ‘ a darker color than space ‘ grey-Yes, in fact, so dark that the tangent to a black color.
That is why there is probably rather talk about a color, reminiscent of the black color, as Apple launched iPhone 5 in in 2012. The unclear information is due according to Apple Insider, that the sources that supposedly has seen the new color, mistook the very dark color with a dark blue color-from which the name deep blue emerged.
What Apple so chooses to call the color, is thus to be seen-perhaps the ‘ black space ‘. It looks at least does not appear that there will be no blue color as first thought. The very dark color come together with the colours silver, gold and rosaguld, sounds continue.
In addition to the new color happens only very few design changes with the next iPhone 7. The camera will be a tad larger, minijack seems to disappear from at least one model and certain sensors on the front switch location. This allows old cases are not reused in the upcoming iPhone 7, despite the fact that the dimensions will remain as good as identical.