Nevada Public Schools by County

When the first Europeans settled, the Nevada region was populated by Indian tribes, including the Shoshones and Paiutes. It remained practically unknown until the different expeditions and explorations carried out between 1825 and 1845 around.

Rendered by Mexico to the United States by the Guadalupe Hidalgo treaty (1848), Nevada quickly became, when ruée for gold, a mandatory passage to the western coast of the United States. In 1849, Mormon settlers, originally from Salt Lake City, founded a trade counter in the Carson River valley (voir Carson City); then the discovery of gold and money mines provoked a massive influx of adventurers, which the Indians tried in vain to ward off. Nevada subsequently developed in an anarchic way for about years around mining, but the American thirty-sixth state remained in 1864. After the completion, in 1869, of the transcontinental railway (Central Pacific Railroad), the cattle and sheep farming has become increasingly important in the regional economy.

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In 1931, the Nevada Legislative Assembly authorized extremely simplified and rapid procedures for marriage and divorce, and legalized gambling. Luxury hotels were built, in and around the Rhine in particular, with the intention of couples coming from other states to divorce or marry. Casinos have also attracted more and more visitors, and since the 1940s, the small town of Tired Vegas, located in the south of the state, has become one of the most important tourist centers in the United States. During the 1980s, Nevada experienced the strongest demographic growth in the United States, more particularly in the agglomerations of Tired Vegas and Reno, where the three quarters of the population are concentrated.

Universities in Nevada

University of Nevada in Reno
The state University of Nevada in Reno was founded in 1864 and is thus the oldest university in Nevada. Around 18,000 students are currently studying here. The University of Nevada in Reno has earned a special reputation in the fields of agricultural science, mining, journalism and seismology. The Faculty of Journalism, the so-called Reynolds School of Journalism, has so far produced 6 Pulitzer Prize winners. Another special feature of the university is that some courses are held in Basque.

University of Nevada in Las Vegas
The State University of Nevada in Las Vegas was founded in 1957 as a branch of the University of Nevada in Reno and was raised to an independent university in 1968. With currently approximately 31,000 students, the university, just 2.5 km from the Las Vegas Strip, is the largest in Nevada. The University of Nevada in Las Vegas is known as a premier university in engineering, English and computer science.

Area 51

The infamous Are 51 is located in the south of Nevada and holds many secrets of all kinds. In principle, Area 51 is an Air Force site that serves as an air force training area. The area covers an area of ​​approximately 100 km². However, an additional complex in the field, whose existence has long been disputed by the US government, appears to be much more interesting than the test site for new aircraft types. This gave rise to the modern myth about UFOs and conspiracy theories. According to various conspiracy theorists, UFOs are to be tested here, and meetings with extraterrestrials are to be held. There is also the theory that photos were taken here that were supposed to simulate the Apollo landing on the moon and that there was never a person on the moon.

Public Schools in Nevada by County

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