Motorcycle Mods and LG Friends, Compare Proposals Modular Lenovo and LG

The concept of modular phone sounds more and more and the last to join the party has been with his newly presented Moto Z Lenovo. The company has devised a system of magnets so that we can add various accessories to the rear and thus extend the capabilities of your phone.
Although it is a different system, Lenovo proposal follows the line of what LG showed us in the last edition of the fair Mobile World Congress with the LG G5 & Friends. Both brands offer an ecosystem of accessories that are attached to the phone and enhance some key points such as the battery, sound or the camera. We see the advantages and disadvantages offered by each proposal.

Variety is the spice, but much remains to be done

Both LG and Lenovo proposed several accessories or modules to attach to their mobile star. These modules have a functional spirit and promise to extend the potential of the disopsitivo, but what what offer us every brand?
LG launched a fairly limited range of modules, or “friends” as they like to refer to these accessories with the promise to expand them later, but for now we are still waiting. The modules that come with the LG G5 are LG Cam Plus, LG HiFi B & or PLAY and battery module Adds a unit of 2,800 milliamps.
For the part of Lenovo, nor is there a wide variety of bike Mods, but the bet seems priori stronger. Lenovo has opened the program’s developers of bike Mods and offer a million dollars to the most ingenious invention, a prize that no doubt will attract enough companies and developers.
The launch will have a Motorcycle Mod JBL with built-in speaker, the picoproyector Insta-Share and, of course, the extra battery to which they have been baptized Power Pack.
In the case of LG Cam Plus, it is simply a kind of grip that adds a Shutter button and a mode dial, but does not improve the optics. What does is add a battery of 1200 milliamps to expand total autonomy, a point that if we are going to be taking pictures on a regular basis during the day. Had spoken of the Moto Z could have a module that would add a lens with 10 x optical zoom but there was no trace of it in the presentation. However we do not rule out the possibility of seeing it in the future.
Module G5 LG HiFi is something akin to the House, which remains half. What it does is improve the audio signal with support for 32-bit DAC, but does not bring a speaker incorporated as it happens in the JBL for the Moto Z module. Proposal of Lenovo is more attractive for the user environment that want a more powerful speaker, while LG is more aimed at audiophiles.
The picoproyector is without a doubt the most interesting module that proposed us Lenovo. Reminds us that Samsung Galaxy Beam, but in this case it comes in the form of attachment to be able projecting a screen up to 70 inches. The price they didn’t say anything, but we do not expect that this Mod is exactly cheap.

The key: the anchoring system

The system by which engage modules is key, and here Lenovo is somewhat annotated using magnets on the back, a more comfortable solution that the proposed us LG.
The good thing about the G5 LG is that it is a terminal where the unibody chassis and the removable battery. However, it has the drawback that to change the modules we have to reboot the phone.
LG G5 “friends” are placed at the bottom of the phone as if they were a sort of cartridges. When the module is removed, the battery is going back, making that restart is inevitable. If for example we want to mount the module of the camera to take a photo quickly, it is likely that we lose the time.
Motorcycle Mods are attached to the rear of the bike Z and communicate with your phone via the rear port, while its system of magnets keep them subject. The system aims to be much more comfortable since it does not require to reboot, but it remains to be seen if these magnets are strong enough.

The modules are here to stay, or not

Lenovo and LG have brought the concept of accessories to a new level and it seems that the idea will continue to talk about, but we do not know for how long. The price is decisive and here we only have data from LG. Additional battery costs 60 euros, while the camera module goes up to 99 euros and LG HiFi skyrockets to 149 euros.
Battery module looks like the most interesting option in the face of daily use, especially in the Moto Z that with its ultra-thin design sacrifices a larger battery. The problem is that There are many solutions on the market as housing with built-in battery and the power bank, also you can use with any phone.
The success of the modules will depend on the degree of innovation and features that we offer. Proposed as the picoproyector or the rumored 10 x zoom Yes contributing added value not found in other accessories, but we insist that its price could subtract attraction.
With everything, the best paints Lenovo proposal LG, starting with its anchoring system, but mostly face to see new bike Mods in the future. Only time will tell if calan between users or remain one of many inventions they spend without penalty or glory by panorama.