Monaco Geography and Climate

Monaco is a tiny state, with an area of ​​only about 2 square meters. km. It is located on the Mediterranean coast on a hill. For many tourists, the name of the country is associated with casinos, Formula 1 racing and luxury. Monte Carlo gambling houses are the main attraction of Monaco, and the name of the oldest of them, which is also the first in Europe – Monte Carlo Casino, has long become a household name. In addition, Monaco is a real open-air museum with numerous buildings from the Middle Ages. The richest people of the Earth rest in the country, almost every building in Monaco where tourists enter has exquisite interiors, and chic hotels with pools and beaches will appeal to the most sophisticated travelers.

It is best to relax in Monaco from May to September, when the weather is comfortable with a minimum chance of precipitation and maximum temperatures.

The official language of the Principality is French, many residents speak a Monegasque dialect (a mixture of French and Italian), Italian and English are also widely used.

Geography in Monaco

According to top-engineering-schools, the Principality of Monaco is located in southern Europe on the Mediterranean coast. This is a tiny state, the area of ​​which is 1.95 square meters. km, is also one of the most densely populated in the world. From the south it is washed by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, and from the land it is surrounded by the territory of the French department of Alpes-Maritimes. The length of the coastline is about 4 km.

The relief of the country is dominated by rocky and hilly surfaces, which are a continuation of the Alpes-Maritimes. The highest point – the rock of Mont-Agel (140 m) – is located in the north-west of the principality.

Climate in Monaco

The subtropical Mediterranean type of climate prevails on the territory of the country. The Alpes-Maritimes protect Monaco from cold northern winds, while summer sea breezes soften the heat. The coldest month is January, daytime temperatures at this time rise to 13 degrees Celsius, and nighttime temperatures drop to +9 degrees. In August, it is around +27 degrees during the day, and 23 degrees at night. On average, 1300 mm of precipitation falls here annually. Their maximum falls on the autumn-winter season. In October, about 108 mm of precipitation falls, and in July – 16 mm.

Best time to visit: The best time to visit
Monaco is from May to September, when the weather is comfortable with a minimum chance of precipitation and maximum temperatures.

Types of Tourism in Monaco


Monaco is located on the Mediterranean coast between the French Provence and the Italian Riviera, the length of the coastline is 4 km. Monaco ‘s main and only public beach is Larvotto in Monte Carlo. The women here go topless but never forget to wear their jewelry. This is a gorgeous sandy beach surrounded by bars and restaurants. You can also relax on the private beaches of some hotels. If the hotel does not have its own beach, then for sure there will be a large swimming pool with all amenities. The swimming season lasts in Monaco from June to September. Sea urchins are sometimes found on the seabed, so you should be careful.


In Monaco there is a dive club “Cap d’Aile” where you can rent equipment and explore the Principality’s coastal waters. The underwater world here is not as colorful as in the tropics, however, dolphins, sardines, flounder, mackerel, mullet and lobsters are found in the sea.


RACING Every year at the end of May, the Principality hosts the Formula 1 Grand Prix. You can buy a ticket for this spectacle or rent an apartment in houses whose balconies overlook the roadway, because the races are held right on the streets of Monaco. This is a very expensive, but very popular pleasure, and if you are planning to get into Formula 1, then you should take care of tickets already in November.


Monaco known throughout the world for its gambling industry. Thousands of people come to the country to play in the casino. In Monaco, you can find 2028 slot machines and 101 tables for a variety of gambling. Casino Monte Carlo – this is not only an entertainment institution, but also a landmark of the country. This is the first European casino, which was opened in 1878. The casino consists of a gallery of gambling halls – a hall in the Renaissance style, a European hall, a White hall, an American games hall, a Graces salon, as well as two halls for privileged visitors. All rooms are decorated with paintings, sculptures and bronze lamps, which immerses visitors in an atmosphere of luxury. Here you can play European and English roulette, craps, blackjack, punto banco and slot machines. Not far from the Casino, there is the Louis XV restaurant (the most famous restaurant on the Côte d’Azur), which offers the most exquisite cuisines of the Mediterranean. Also popular is the casino “Le Sant” in the Grand Hotel Monte-Carlo, a casino in the Sports Club of the Palm Hall on Princess Grace Street, as well as the largest casino in Monaco (in terms of the number of slot machines and varieties of gambling) – “Paris Cafe”near Monte Carlo Casino.


Each district of Monaco is full of historical sights, picturesque parks and various museums. Almost every building in the country visited by tourists has luxurious decoration and expensive interiors. The excursion program usually includes not only visiting the sights of Monacan, but also the sights of nearby cities in the south of France.

Monaco Geography